Longing for the gift of a beautiful home remodel? With the holidays upon us, it’s likely we’re spending plenty of time at home, and thinking about how best to treat ourselves and others – no doubt the gift of a home remodel has come to mind. But where to begin? We’re here to help you figure out how best to prioritize your home remodeling needs with a holiday remodeling wish list!

A remodeling wish list can help you identify current issues with your home and consider how to make improvements that will truly make your home a happier and more comfortable place for you and your family. A wish list can also help you prioritize and create a timeline for your remodel. Follow the tips below to make a wish list that works for you!

Where Will Life Take You?

Considering what stage of life you are at as an individual or a family should be part of your plan when it comes to remodeling your home. Is this your first home? Do you plan to stay for more than a few years? Do you have or plan to have children, and will you need more space if so? Think about what your goals are, and how they affect your decision to remodel. Also consider the value of a remodel, in terms of monetary value and quality of life.

Thinking about your life goals can help determine your remodeling needs.

Major Remodel Goals

The next step is to list out the major goals for your home. At this point you’re thinking big projects, rather than little details. Examples might include:

  • Kitchen remodel
  • New addition
  • Finish basement

Number these larger items in order of priority, for a clear starting point.

Is a kitchen remodel on the horizon? If so, start to plan now to make this dream a reality.

Create a Timeline

Use your list of major remodel goals to create a timeline. Think about when you can begin, and when you’d like to see each of these items complete. To create a successful timeline, don’t forget to factor in your budget and savings plans.

Creating a timeline helps to keep your remodeling goals on track.

Current Issues

Take each of the major remodel goals you listed earlier and think about each one – what are your current issues and how will your remodel resolve these? This process will help you really think about how your home currently works for you day to day, and how you can make your life easier, therefore making wiser choices when it comes to the remodel design.

Think about the issues you have and how remodeling may fix these.


Aside from solving problems, planning a remodel should be fun. The next step is to think about what you want your newly remodeled home to look like. Is there a color you love, a countertop you dream of or a new appliance you long for? This is your chance to get creative and design your dream home. Check out Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram for inspiration.  Think as big as you like. Once the list is complete, mark each item on your list in terms of importance- use a yes / no / maybe system to prioritize, and refer back to the list to add in extras as budget allows.

Start dreaming about the details – how exactly you want the space to look.

Get Started

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