Last year, we spent more time at home than ever, but the New Year brings the chance for a fresh start, whether you’re in need of updates to your family room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Home trends in 2021 are all about change for the better, and creating a comfortable, beautiful space to enjoy spending time in.

2021 design trends will be unlike that of any other year, due to the desire to make our homes the best they’ve ever been, with new colors, textures, patterns and lighting.

Take a look at some of the most exciting interior design trends of the New Year to make your home a place of wonder and luxury.

Bring Your New Year Dreams to Life

Everyone is tired of being cooped up inside, and even if you aren’t planning to get out right away, you’ve surely thought about it. That’s why travel concepts, ocean themes and even “living large” will all be popular home trends in 2021.

Try these sought-after interior design ideas on for size:

  • Include a hint of the exotic. Have you been longing for a trip to a land where animals roam, a rainforest or even the jungle? Exotic elements don’t have to be “wild and tacky.” Make them cultural with indoor plants, fashionable themes inspired by new terrains and images of exciting adventures that await.
  • Head seaside to recharge. The waves of the ocean and life along the shoreline can evoke a sense of calm that can be reflected in design. Add a tapestry that takes you to port or use an accent wall to dedicate a small part of your home to the water town retreat you long for. Think sky-light blues, sandy creams and dockside woods.
  • Experience luxury. Envision rich textured surfaces, fine-stitched leather and clean, smooth lines. Put yourself in the penthouse with bold statement pieces that are commanding, yet subtle enough to fit in. Think of your space as a high-end hotel, only you’ll get to stay for more than a few nights!

Come Home to a New Kind of Comfort

Maybe you’re back at work and in need of comfort after a long commute, or you’re still at home and tired of spending your days in the same old rooms. Regardless of your situation, 2021 home trends surround the idea that “reimagined comfort” is king.

After spending so much time at home, looks that you once thought were comfortable may have lost their magic. Here are a few ways to put a new spin on some of the things that once made you feel so relaxed:

  • Warm and inviting colors and tones can create the ambiance of a soothing massage or a peaceful breeze touching your skin. Ditch the grays, browns and ordinary beiges for a ripple of comforting color.
  • Tailor your home to provide maximum relief. If you’ve been reading from an old recliner, create an inviting space especially for this activity, with calming lighting, a big cozy chair or a padded cutout nook with a window view.
  • A home office should encompass more than just a desk and a chair. Get creative with built-in shelving, desk ornaments, rugs and new wall art that change the way you experience your work-from-home space.

2021 Design Trends That Celebrate the Past and the Present

Reconnection will be a common theme across 2021 home trends. Repurposing your grandmother’s hutch, restoring family heirlooms and refurbishing beautiful antiques are all great ways to commemorate history and make the most of 2021 design trends.

The best ways to use these pieces:

  • Make them the centerpiece. Perhaps you have an old family trunk that you want to use. Turn it into a coffee table or a stand for photos or other historical artifacts. Create contrast and show off classic items among your updated décor.
  • Style around them with classic or vintage chic. If modern designs aren’t your thing and you want an entirely classic vibe, do it! Classic wallpaper, elegant tapestries, thick and colorful rugs with striped or patterned furniture can all fit with prized possessions made of durable woods, brass and leather.

Traditional designs and layouts can bring back memories of childhood and wonderful years past, while modern and contemporary designs can spark new beginnings. There are no right or wrong answers to either style and both are anticipated 2021 interior design trends.

Work with a Luxury Remodeling Team

You may need a little help revamping your interior. Turn to the professionals at Reliable Home Improvement for all of your home remodeling needs. From kitchens to living rooms, bathrooms, basements and home additions, our team will take care of every step in the home improvement process.

If there has ever been a time to remodel, it’s now. Start the New Year with design suited to the lifestyle of your dreams. Talk to us today about your goals and let us help you align them with some of the most popular home trends in 2021. Contact us to get started.

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