Every home has its core living areas where people relax and enjoy each other’s company. The kitchen table or the family room sofa are traditional places, but the basement is becoming more popular as a family hangout space, as well.

All over the country, basement renovations are taking place in homes of all sizes. A newly remodeled basement gives everyone a little more breathing room to have some fun and experience additional comfort. Because people are spending more time at home, they need the additional space as a place to retreat and recharge.

Depending on the footprint of your home, your basement likely has a lot of space and a functional, open layout. This provides a vast amount of opportunity to create a recreational space, additional living quarters and more.

Let’s review some of the most sought-after basement renovation ideas that we’re already seeing in the industry, this year.

The Traditional ‘Basement Bar’ is Now So Much More

For years, one of the most common features installed during a basement redo has been the “basement bar.” A place to enjoy a beverage with friends and family, the home bar has evolved into an area for a complete “tavern-like” experience.

While the pandemic has kept people from dining at restaurants, the enhanced basement bar is designed with the luxury of an actual establishment. Beverage coolers, wells, refrigeration, custom bar counter tops, luxury bar seating, large televisions, taps and much more make up today’s home bar.

Home brewing has become a popular hobby for many, so, basement bars are also a place to create your own brews from the comfort of your own home.

Complete the experience with elegant lighting and your favorite tavern décor to feel like you are out enjoying the nightlife.

FInished wet bar with island seating

Your basement can become your new go-to bar. 

Create a “Private Suite” for Guests

More and more basement renovations are centered around expanding the living space. Creating a private suite for your relatives and friends to stay in when they visit is a logical way to make everyone more comfortable.

Modern basement renovation ideas include turning your basement into a “suite” that emulates the feel of a private apartment. These are just a few features that are often included:

  • Full kitchen and dining space
  • Cozy bedroom and complete bathroom amenities
  • Living space with comfortable furnishings
  • Basement-level access

Adding a basement suite can transform this often-under-utilized living space into a “home within a home” so you can give your guests the privacy they need, without requiring them to stay elsewhere.

Keep Your Kid’s (and Yourself) Entertained with a Recreation Area

Using your basement as a space for fun and games is another traditional idea that has developed and become even better.

Ping pong and pool tables have always found a home in the basement, but now, you can entertain your children while having fun yourself.

We all know that having tons of toys in the living room is a hassle, so above all, the basement is a place for kids to keep their favorite things.

But if you want to take it a step further, here’s a couple of ideas to give your children an unforgettable play experience:

  • Built-ins are loads of fun. Your basement can become a playland with built-in castles or kingdoms that have ladders, slides or miniature-rooms.
  • Recreational items in their size. Kids want to be just like their parents, but they might not be big enough to play on adult-sized games. A mini-air hockey table or pint-sized foosball could be just their size!
  • Make your basement a home arcade: Particularly for the older kids (or even the adults) classic arcade games are forever cool for any basement.

While your children are enjoying their new recreation area, mom and dad might enjoy the following recreational items of their own:

  • An in-home theater experience. Surround sound, a projection screen and stadium seating to watch your favorite movies and shows.
  • The ultimate at-home gym. Staying at home to workout can be just as rewarding. From free-weights to machines, create the perfect at-home gym and sweat it out.
  • Athletic themes. Excited about the big game or tournament? Incorporate rugs and carpeting that give the appearance of a football field or baseball diamond. Golf enthusiasts might even consider an indoor putting green.

Finished basement with wet bar and game table

Remodel your basement to enjoy more of your hobbies at home.

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