Fall is a time of transition and change. As the weather gets colder and the colors begin to change getting ready for fall does not just mean adding an extra blanket layer in your bed. It is time to decorate your home inside and out. Take a look at some our home decorating ideas below.


Fall Color Scheme

It is a great time to pull out all the warm fall colors and incorporate them into your walls and decorations. Go for red, orange, and yellow hues. Neutral colors such as beige, tan, and cream also draw the warmth inside. The strong association with the harvest time makes for a perfect time to utilize warm color schemes. Mix some green in with the warm colors for an earthy feel.

Warm Metallics

If you want to add some extra spurts of details to your warm hues, gold and copper fit in perfectly. You can add hints into your decorations, but one of our favorites is switching out the dining table set with metallics like copper mugs, gold rimmed glasses, and even copper toned plates.

Harvest Time Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is a great place to start with fall decorations. Start outside with bales of hay or dried corn stalks at entrances. Both are a great place to start because they add height. Wooden milk crates also work to add height your home’s curb appeal. There are a lot of DIY projects on Pinterest you can add to your decorations, but we know DIY projects are not for everyone. We recommend carving or painting pumpkins and dried corn wreaths to place on the ground and on a bale of hay or milk crate.

Adding Layers Inside

You can easily add what you did outside inside, but we suggest cozying things up inside. Adding woven throw blankets on couches, and warming up the throw pillows can make a huge impact. Extra cushions on seating can also make a place feel warmer. When it comes to decorating inside, mini pumpkins, gourds, and squashes make for great fall-appropriate details. Dried leaf wreaths and scented candles paired with a hot fire place make for a great transition between the summer and winter season.

Foods, Fruits, and Vegetables

Can you say you are ready for fall? The final touches are in the kitchen. We know fall is the season of apple picking, cider and donuts. Squashes and corn by the warm fire make for a great evening inside or outdoors. Stock your cupboards! Sweet potatoes, casseroles and pies in the oven create the most mouth-watering scents in the kitchen. Inspire children to get in the crafty with different activities in their basement playroom as well.

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