Keep an eye on your budget during a kitchen renovation–things can start to add up and, before you know it, you’ve blown through your price limit on items that you could have saved on. Before you start to select products and textiles, our team recommends collecting ideas and concepts that you like and don’t like. From there, we can help you get your renovation off the ground. Below is a list of recommendations from our team from when to save and when to splurge during a kitchen remodeling project.

Splurge: Flooring

Kitchens are a high traffic area of your home, and it’s important to select flooring that can stand up to a lot of activity over the years. There are plenty of options for flooring that can withstand things like stains and spills. If you have a lot of square footage in your kitchen, opt for spending the extra costs on hardwood. Based on our experience, laminates or plastics are less expensive, but they tend to be noisy and clicky. Other choices include ceramic or stone tile, both which are less pricey and maintain a sophisticated look while holding up to activity. Beware that tile may end up having issues with cracking.

Splurge: Countertops

A good work surface is pertinent to a kitchen space, and our team recommends spending a large amount of a renovation budget on nice countertops. Our showroom has design ideas, colors and various materials (including quartz and granite) that are great options for a kitchen work space.

Save: Cabinets

Cabinets that are still in good condition before a remodeling project can be saved and updated to save you thousands of dollars. Instead of buying all new cabinetry, try refacing the cabinetry. It will give them a new look and you’ll have a bigger budget to spend on other important items, like appliances. People can also save money on door style—picking a simpler styled door is cheaper and various wood species can also be used here to save costs. We recommend oak, cherry or alder for money saving cabinet materials.

Splurge: Appliances

Large kitchen appliances, like a refrigerator, stove and oven are things that you’ll have for a long time. In this case, we recommend investing in quality, energy-efficient products that blend in with the style of your kitchen. Some people opt for stainless steel and electric stove tops, others opt for gas stove tops and enamel refrigerators. The choice is yours. Whatever you decide, use a large chunk of your budget for these items and they’ll hold up for longer!

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