Tired of playing it safe with neutrals and classic shades? Sometimes a splash of color or a unique pattern can make your house feel like home. If you’re looking for an easy way to add a personal touch to any room, read on.

Paint the Walls

When you were a kid, chances are you had a favorite color that could rival no other in your mind. As an adult, your favorites may be multiple, or change with the years and seasons, but there are still likely some colors you are consistently drawn to over others. Think about which colors make you happy. Is there one color you end up wearing almost every day? Painting can help you bring that beloved color into your home. If you don’t want to go overboard, there’s no reason to paint all 4 walls the same color.

  • Consider a feature wall in the color of your choice
  • Paint the ceiling your favorite color instead
  • Paint just the lower third of the wall
  • Keep the background neutral, with a large stencil pattern in the colorful shade of your choice
  • Paint furniture or doors instead of the walls
  • Paint stripes on your walls in a few complementary colors

An entry room / study

This beautiful entry way is a sunny welcome to the home, featuring pale green cabinets and yellow painted walls

Use Stencils

Love artistic décor, but lack the skill of an artist? Stencils are your answer. Stencils come in all sizes, in a wide range of patterns and designs.

  • Stencils can enable you to paint a supersize, wallpaper-style repeat pattern on your walls.
  • Stencils can help you add finishing touches and artistic detail to otherwise plain walls.
  • Add stencil birds to your ceiling, or flowers to your favorite chest of drawers.
  • Perfect for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.


Just Add Wallpaper

You may have seen our recent blog post on Wallpaper, and learned a little about the many ways it can brighten up your home. Here are just a few options you might wish to consider:

  • Wallpaper a single wall
  • Wallpaper the ceiling
  • Wallpaper the lower third of your walls
  • Add a wallpaper border
  • Decorate an old, favorite chest of drawers with wallpaper


Choose Tiles

Tile is one kitchen and bathroom friendly way to add color and pattern to your home. There are countless tile designs to choose from, in varying shapes and sizes. Take a look at your options – you might be surprised as to the variety of tile available today. Consider:

  • Moroccan design inspired tiles
  • Black and white tiles
  • Simple repeat patterned tiles
  • Ornate patterned tiles
  • Metallic finish tiles
  • Textured tiles
  • Neutral earth tone tiles
  • Statement tiles

modern white master bathroom remodel

Tile adds ornate detail to this white bathroom

Enhance Your Staircase

If the staircase is a central, focal point in your home, make it work for the attention it receives. Consider the following for a bold, statement staircase:

  • Decorate your stairs – think paint, wallpaper, or stencils.
  • Upgrade your bannister
  • Chose a statement Newel post


Phenomenal Furnishings

Of course, upgrading your furniture and furnishings is probably the easiest way to add a splash of color and pattern to your home.

If your choice of wall color is very simple, the following can still create a bright, bold or otherwise eye-catching environment:

  • Curtains
  • Soft furnishings
  • Cushions and throws
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Couches & armchairs, in eclectic prints and styles

Remember that not everything needs to match for it to work together.


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