Thanksgiving is quite possibly the highlight of the year, not only for you and your family, but for your kitchen. After all, Thanksgiving is a holiday focused on the importance of gathering together as a family to share food that has been prepared with love.

Remodeling your kitchen with Thanksgiving in mind will not only give you the perfect setting to host this particular holiday, but will provide you with the perfect family-focused kitchen space to enjoy year round.

Pick the Perfect Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your Thanksgiving kitchen is essential. A friendly, family, farmhouse theme might be right for the occasion if you know children will be present. Think sturdy, safe, welcoming wooden designs. Avoid harsh, minimalist furniture for this soft, family-focused look. A large kitchen or dining room table is a must for hosting large gatherings. A serving cart can be helpful for large gatherings and events, to minimize table clutter and keep everything you need close by.

remodeled kitchen with dark wood island

Choose Autumnal Colors

Autumnal colors are perfect for a kitchen that nods to a Thanksgiving theme year round. Think rich red and burnt orange, or keep it neutral and just add your favorite fall colors as accents.

Add Warmth to Your Home

Choose colors and furnishings that will add warmth to your home. Long, thick velvet curtains can add a little fall luxury. Soft rugs for children to bury their feet in and decorative cushions can make a window seat or living room area cozy.

Create a Kids’ Corner

If there are children in your family, your thoughts are most likely always on them and how to make them happy and comfortable. Setting up a kid’s corner can give children a space to play and relax, out from under your feet while cooking takes place, but in close proximity so you can keep an eye on them, engage and chat. A kid’s corner can be created in any room big enough. All you need is a child-friendly rug or play mat, beanbags, cushions or soft seating to relax on, and a little selection of toys or games. Just enough to keep them busy.

Opt for a Kitchen Island

No space for a kid’s corner? A kitchen island also works perfectly, particularly for older children that would prefer to be in the kitchen while you cook and socialize. A kitchen island offers space to draw or read, and help out with easy kitchen tasks. If you have kids at home, a kitchen island can change your lifestyle to more easily spend time with your children while necessary tasks take place.

modern gray kitchen with large island

Keep it Durable and Easy to Clean

Make sure the furniture, tiles, flooring and all items you choose for your Thanksgiving kitchen are durable and easy to clean. With children and countless guests, your kitchen will get plenty of wear and will need to be built to stand the test of time. Fine china and white carpeting can be intimidating! Choose high quality and durability so that your guests can have plenty of fun and can easily respect your home.

Wet Bars and Wine Cellars

If you have a fine wine collection, adding an in-home bar area could be the perfect way to keep your Thanksgiving party going year round. This does not have to be a part of your kitchen. A wine cellar and basement wet bar is a popular consideration for a finished basement and the perfect way to enjoy the extra space below your home.


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