In practical terms, the purpose of your backsplash is to protect the walls from water and marks made in a busy kitchen. However, when it comes to design, your kitchen backsplash is so much more.

A carefully chosen backsplash can help define the theme and style of your kitchen, and is very often the focal point of a newly remodeled kitchen. Beautiful backsplash ideas can bring personality to an otherwise neutral design. Whether you’re looking for a backsplash that will stand out, set a minimalist tone or don’t quite know what you’re looking for yet, we can help.

Read on for backsplash ideas that will help you explore your options.

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Backsplash designs can be elegant and unique

Tile Backsplash Ideas

If you’ve been looking into tile backsplash ideas, you might be surprised by the range of options available to you. Tiles today are available in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes. Here we cover just a few of the most popular tile backsplash ideas.

    • Classic, rectangular subway tiles never go out of fashion. As backsplash ideas go, choosing subway tiles is a reliable choice that is unlikely to cause controversy. Just as painting in neutrals is always acceptable, subway tiles are a safe, ever-popular choice.
    • Herringbone tiles are another classic, popular choice, alongside the similar but more modern chevron shape.
    • Consider color when exploring tile backsplash ideas. Tile is available in a huge range of colors, which means no matter what size or shape of tile you choose, you can define your kitchen workspace with a color you love.
    • For a more intricate design, choose laser cut tiles in multiple colors. Laser cut tiles come in a wide range of shapes and can be put together to create a detailed pattern.
    • Mosaic tiles, or tiles inspired by Moroccan design, also make popular, colorful tile backsplash ideas.
    • With intricate designs available, white kitchen backsplash designs can still make your backsplash stand out and can create a clean look.


Metal Backsplash Ideas

There are countless options available when it comes to finding the perfect material for your backsplash. Tiles come in glass, porcelain, brass, stone, marble and more.

Metal backsplash ideas have become very popular in recent years. If there’s a metal trend you love right now, think about incorporating it into your kitchen via the backsplash. Explore metal backsplash ideas including brass backsplash ideas for rustic charm, and hammered metal backsplash ideas to create an artisan look. Stainless steel backsplash ideas can complete an industrial style kitchen, while copper backsplash ideas can bring in rich, warm metal tones.


Explore More Backsplash Ideas With Reliable Home Improvement

The Reliable Home Improvement team can help you explore backsplash ideas, and select the materials, color, shape, size and tile that’s right for your kitchen. For a new backsplash or a kitchen remodel from an experienced, trusted team, contact Reliable Home Improvement today.

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