If you’re looking for home office ideas, you’ve come to the right place! With the nation and much of the world working from home where possible, creating a designated work from home space has become more important than ever. Working from home can be tricky, whether you live alone and miss the social aspects of going in to the office, or struggle to stay focused with children or other family members vying for your attention.

Creating a designated work from home space can help you separate work from family life, even when work takes place in your home. Good home office ideas and successful home office design can help you stay focused during working hours, and step away from your computer at the end of the day. Read on for great home office ideas and home office design tips for spaces and budgets of all sizes.

An entry room / study

Look for wasted space that could make the perfect home office.

Creating a Small Home Office

A home office doesn’t need to be big. Creating a small home office will help you mentally and physically separate work from leisure time. If you have a spare room or storage room, no matter how small, this space could be ideal for creating a small home office.

If you are creating a small home office from a storage space or space that is unused, start by getting rid of any items you no longer need, and re-homing those you do.

If you’re creating a small home office for the short term, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to store items in here as long as they are out of sight and out of mind so as not to distract you from your work.

If you are creating a small home office for the long term, invest more time into home office design and making this space truly yours. Make your de-clutter process more intensive and ensure the new home office space is entirely designed for its purpose as a work from home space.

Home Office Design

If you’re creating a small home office or work from home space for the long term, browse home office ideas on Pinterest and consider home office design. Have a vision in mind of how you would like your new home office space to look, bearing in mind whether you’ll be keeping furniture you already have, or buying a new desk and office chair.

When considering home office ideas, choose a color scheme that you find calming, to help you stay focused in your work from home space. When it comes to re-painting, avoid distracting bright colors that might ware on your over time, and add pops of color with smaller home office design elements including artwork. Take a look at our recent blog post on mixing metals to add visual interest, texture and color to your home office design.

Keep your home office design simple for minimal distraction. Make a list of everything you need in your home office, a list of other items you want in your home office, and choose a few decorative items, including framed photographs or plants. Refine your list of home office ideas and think about where to place each item to make the most of the space you have.


How to Create a Home Office in Your Living Room

No spare room? No problem! We’re here to talk you through how to create a home office in your living room or bedroom.

With an unobtrusive desk and chair, you can find home office ideas and equipment that will easily fit in with your living room or bedroom design. Choosing a slim line desk or glass desk can limit its impact on the overall design of the room.  Choose a storage wall unit so that you have somewhere to store work papers and folders. Work equipment should be easily tidied away at the end of the day to leave your space once again free for home living.  Make use of space and choose an outdoor view by positioning your desk alongside the window.


Work from Home Co-Working Space

Creating a work from home co-working space is another popular home office idea, for partners and parents.

Before you get started on creating your work from home co-working space, decide whether you want to share a co-working space with your partner. If neither of you fears distraction, working in silence together can be surprisingly comforting and feel more sociable than working alone. If you’re a parent home-schooling kids, decide whether you can work in the same space as your children, bearing in mind their age and how easily they can study alone.

If you choose to create a work from home co-working space, ensure there is enough desk or table space for everyone to work comfortably and ensure adults and older children have the proper set up they need for laptops or desktop computers. Make sure outlets are available in the space you choose.

If you need to make conference calls, ensure there is a separate room in the house other than the work from home co-working space, where quiet can always be found.


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