If you’re a keen home improver, you’ve likely dreamed of finishing your basement to expand your home with a new space to enjoy. But what would you use this new space for? There are countless suggestions and uses for currently wasted basement space. Here are just a few ideas from the Reliable Home Improvement team.

Game Room

If your home already holds all the space you need for practical purposes, your basement can be a space dedicated to having fun. A game room can be a great place to spend time with friends and family relaxing and enjoying one-another’s company. Whether you want to add a pinball machine, pool table or video games is up to you. This space is about investing in and making the most of your free time.

Basements are a great space to add a game room for the family.


A finished, remodeled basement can make a safe and comfortable space for children to play. Remodeling your basement to create a playroom can give your children plenty more space to explore and make their own. It’ll also save you from picking up toys from around the house and give you more space for adult life above ground.

Basement Apartment

The space beneath your home could become a suite or apartment-style space of its own. If you have parents that live with you, or if you are a parent to young adults that are living at home, a basement apartment can give everyone the privacy and space they need. You could also use this space for a rented room and earn a little extra cash from time to time.

Home Movie Theater

If you’re a film fan, adding a home movie theater may be perfect for you and your family. Once your basement has been finished and remodeled it’s easy to set up a large screen and couches for a cozy, underground, movie-dedicated space.

A lack of windows makes for the perfect home theater

Basement Bar

A basement bar is yet another option for anyone that wants to make the most of their basement. If you have a large wine collection, enjoy entertaining or just want to have a little extra space of your own consider renovating your basement to create a bar area.

The perfect gathering space in the home – the basement bar.

At-Home Gym

If you love working out, an at-home gym might be the perfect use for your basement space. In the main body of your home, treadmills, yoga balls and cross-fits can take up much-needed space. A dedicated area for your at-home gym can mean you enjoy the convenience of working out at home. You may be more likely to stick to your workout schedule. And just imagine the amount you’ll save on gym membership.

 Music Room

If you have a large guitar collection, drum kit or piano, a music room might be your dream come true. Set up a stage area, amps and microphones for performances and you have the perfect place for band practice, personal music enjoyment and socializing with friends.


For more ideas on how to make the most of your basement, contact the professional team at Reliable Home Improvement today!

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