If you love being outside, why not do what you can to bring the best of the outdoors into your home! A new home addition or remodel project can help make your home more inviting. Here are just a few ways to enjoy outdoor living, from inside your home or yard.

The Perfect Patio

Choosing to add a patio area can give you somewhere to sit out in the sun throughout the summer months, and enjoy your yard and garden area to the maximum. Even a smaller patio with potted plants, hanging baskets and a comfortable chair for reading in, if this is to be your own private haven. However if you are looking to socialize, opt for a larger patio and select an outdoor table and chairs, grill, and speakers for outdoor music.

Create a custom patio to gather the entire family

The Dream Deck

An alternative to creating a patio area is to build a deck. Usually connected to your home and elevated from the ground, a deck can also be a great outdoor area to sit out, enjoy your own company or entertain friends. Wooden designs continue to be popular and will perfectly complement your outdoor surroundings.

The Pleasant Porch

A porch is similar to a patio, but can be built attached or detached from your home, and has a covered roof area that is open at the sides. A porch is yet another option for enjoying the outdoors with a little extra coverage. The covered space can provide some much-needed shade for those hot summer days.

Complete your porch with a ceiling fan to keep the breeze flowing.

 The Calming Conservatory

With glass or polycarbonate ceilings and windows all around, a conservatory can bring the beauty of summer into your home. Decorate with indoor potted plants for a warm, tropical room to enjoy throughout the year. If you love to see sunlight entering your home, a conservatory could be the in-home sanctuary you’re looking for.

The Stylish Sunroom

A sunroom is very similar to a conservatory. Both have large windows to enjoy the sun’s warmth from your home. However, a sunroom usually has a slate or solid tile roof, meaning it doesn’t get as hot in the summer or as cold in the winter, and can be enjoyed year round. A sunroom is a good choice if you’re not only looking to enjoy the outdoors from within your home, but are also looking to add an addition to your home for extra space.

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