There are plenty of new and exciting bathroom remodeling trends that anyone might want to consider. From color to fixtures and technology, our design tips below will help you to add flair every step of the way – from the tiles you choose to the decorative accents you add once your remodel is complete.

Small is Smart

There’s no need for a big bathroom anymore – a smaller bathroom can still be a space of luxury. Particularly if you prefer a refreshing shower to laying in a hot tub, there’s no reason for your bathroom to be expansive. Small bathrooms are becoming more and more popular – read more on how to make your small bathroom luxurious here.

Small bathrooms can still pack a style punch.

Gold and Matte Black Fixtures

Soft, pale gray continues to be a popular color for bathrooms throughout 2018, but you might be wondering what to pair with these hues. Warm, matte gold and brass fixtures are your answer – these tones are becoming increasingly popular and perfectly complement this look.

If gold and gray don’t appeal to you, consider statement matte black fixtures. This is yet another trend that moves away from the shiny, polished fixtures we have become so accustomed to.

Top Technology

Technology is everywhere – even in our bathrooms! Some of the many popular technology trends we expect to see in bathrooms over 2018 include:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Wireless music systems
  • TVs
  • High-tech toilets

Unique Tiling

More and more original and unusual tile designs are becoming available and tiles have become a great way to add flair to your bathroom. Not only are a wide range of colors available, but unusual shapes are becoming more popular too. Diamond tile shapes and Moroccan designs are just some you should look out for and consider for your next bathroom redesign.

Wonderful Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback in stylish bathrooms with designers that are looking to make a statement. Brushstrokes and bold abstract designs are increasingly popular for 2018.

Neutral colors combine with interest artwork to create a beautiful space in this bathroom remodel.

Natural Accents

Neutral colors continue to be popular, and natural and organic elements are trending throughout 2018. Stone, wood and other natural materials can bring a calm and refreshing atmosphere to your bathroom.

Bringing the natural world into our bathrooms has also become popular in terms of displaying plants. Large palms are particularly in style for 2018 – add a statement tropical plant for an easy bathroom update.

Bathroom Artworks

Adding paintings, sculptures or other artwork as decorative pieces to your bathroom can give an air of sophistication. If you love artwork throughout your home, choosing the perfect piece for your bathroom is a must.


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