The cold Chicagoland winters can leave keen gardeners wishing for warmer weather. But don’t give up on your garden just yet! Here are a few tips to keep your garden going throughout the winter months.

Hoop Tunnels and Cold Frames

Hoop tunnels and cold frames can keep your plants safe throughout winter. Perhaps start with the Hoop Tunnels and use cold frames as a more robust option. Choose one of these options to keep your plants covered and allow them to thrive through snow and ice.


A greenhouse is the next step for a serious gardener- a warm room kept at the perfect temperature for your plants year round.

Water Carefully

Watering can be tricky throughout the winter months. Touch the soil to feel if there is a need for water, and choose not to water if it’s going to freeze.

A sunroom or all-seasons room is a great way to get some much needed Vitamin D during the winter months.

Plant Evergreens

No doubt some plants survive the cold winter months better than others. However, there are plenty of cold weather plants available to keep your garden alive throughout winter. Miniature conifers and golden maiden will stay green year round. Ornamental kale will bring purple and white tones to your garden, while wintergreen will bring a pop of color with its red berries.

Twigs and Branches

Decorate with twigs and branches in containers indoors and out. There’s nothing like evergreen branches and berried twigs to bring some winter magic to any room in your home.

Bring the Outside In

Can’t plant your favorite flowers outdoors? Bring them in. Decorate with potted plants and hanging baskets in your kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms.

An outdoor fireplace can keep you cozy during the cold winter days.

Enjoy a Conservatory

A conservatory or sunroom is perhaps the best way to enjoy the comfort of your home and garden year round. Decorate the inside of your conservatory with plants and sit comfortably among them, enjoying the snowy views from the warmth of your own home.


Looking to stay warm and enjoy your garden this winter? Contact Reliable Home Improvement for more information on conservatories, sunrooms and other options for remodeling this winter.

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