Welcome to January, the time for New Year’s resolutions and the excitement of new beginnings! No matter what 2019 has in store for you, now is the time to make sure your home will work to your advantage. From fixes to finishes to remodels, here’s a few things to consider adding to your home to-do list.

Focus on Organization

Maybe your New Year’s resolution involves keeping a tidier home, improving your efficiency or being more organized.

There are many ways that you can make these goals easier to achieve through home improvements. Improving you storage options is one way to do this. Start with clearing out items you don’t need, and reorganizing. If you still don’t have enough storage, consider a storage ottoman or chest. Countertop wine racks, kitchen islands and on-the-wall pot racks can all help you free up space and stay organized.

New year is a great time to get organized.

Upgrade Your Doors and Windows

New doors and windows can keep you comfortable and change the look of your home. Simply painting the front door is said to provide the biggest return on investment when it comes to selling. Replacing older windows with energy efficient windows will keep you warm throughout the rest of winter, and save you money on heating and cooling for years to come.

Upgrading windows and doors to be more efficient can be a great resolution this year.

Upkeep and Quick Fixes

January is also a good time to re-evaluate where you are at with winter upkeep tasks. Consider the following:

  • Upgrade your insulation
  • Block drafts beneath doors
  • Get a maintenance check on your furnace
  • Install an energy-saving programmable thermostat
  • Upgrade your fireplace

Fireplace upgrades can be a great New Year project.

Remodeling opportunities

To truly make your home feel like new, remodeling is a great option. A kitchen, bathroom or bedroom remodel can give you a special new space to hide away all winter. A basement remodel can do the same – by finishing and remodeling your basement, you can make your home bigger and give yourself a whole new floor to play with.

Think about your home and which room you would get the most enjoyment and practicality from if you were to remodel. Consider where you spend most of your time now, and where you would like to spend most of your time in the future.

Go big this year with a full kitchen remodel.

Room for Growth

As mentioned above, a basement remodel can give you more space – for an entertainment room, a second living room, a guest room, or any idea you can think of. A new home addition can do the same, whether building up or out. Home additions and basement remodels are also great alternatives for anyone considering moving.


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