With the start of fall comes the thought of the upcoming holidays – Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and even New Year’s Day are special occasions for family to gather and celebrate together. The autumn and winter weather can make staying at home with family even more appealing, and make the layout and design of our homes even more important, particularly when it comes to accommodating a variety of guests of all ages.

If you’re looking to remodel your home in time for the holidays, there are certainly things you can do to make your home a family friendly holiday gathering space.

In the Kitchen

It’s easy to take into account certain details that will make any kitchen remodel more family friendly. Think about how you organize your space to make room for family activities. Including a kitchen island can mean older children can draw at the table while you cook and talk together. Including lower drawers or cabinets means kids can access healthy snacks without asking for permission.

A kitchen island or peninsula can add valuable seating in your kitchen for family gatherings.

Flooring and Surfaces

With children in the house, the flooring and surfaces you choose are always going to be important! Ensure whatever you go for is easy to wipe down and clean. Durability is also an important quality for flooring and surfaces in a family home.


An open plan layout is appealing to many families, so that children can be close by now matter where you are in the home. For example, a kitchen into dining room open plan layout means kids can play with toys on soft furnishings while you cook nearby. This can help you keep an eye on little ones and enable continued interaction without getting behind on household tasks.

An open floor plan can ensure everyone is part of the party, no matter what room they are in.

Color and Prints

Kids love bright colors and fun prints – one easy way to make a living area more child friendly is to choose brightly colored curtains and furnishings, or just add decorative cushions for a quick and easy update.

Kids Cozy Corner

Ensure kids feel welcome and have their own special space within a living room with a kids cozy corner. Add beanbags, cushions or a teepee and allow toys to take precedence in this particular corner of the room.

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