You may have already seen our recent blog post on Fall Remodeling Projects for a Cozy Home This Winter – the post below takes these ideas one step further as the nights draw in. Learn how to prepare your home for colder temperatures this winter.

There’s no one that understands the value of a warm and comfortable home more than the team at Reliable Home Improvement! Beyond remodeling, we’re also here to help you take care of the home you have. Some of these easy tips can help remind you of tasks you’re yet to think of, that can save you time and keep you more comfortable throughout our long Chicagoland winters.

Check Your Furnace

Your furnace will soon be your new best friend once December arrives. Turn on the heat early to check everything is working as it should, so that you don’t have any nasty surprises once December comes along. Change your furnace filters, and install a programmable thermostat if you’re looking for a heating upgrade. Now is also a great time to get your chimney inspected or cleaned by a professional.

Upgrade appliances

Remodeling your kitchen or upgrading kitchen appliances is a great way to ensure you’ll have hot food and a reliably working, cozy kitchen to enjoy all winter long. There’s nothing like a hot, home cooked meal while snow is falling outside.

Upgraded appliances can help to save on energy costs during the colder months.

Clean Your Gutters

Fall leaves clog up gutters and can cause issues if they aren’t cleared. Cleaning your gutters throughout fall means water, snow and ice can flow more freely once winter hits. If snow and ice can’t drain, it might make its way through any cracks and into your home.

Store Large Summer Tools and Equipment

Much like how you transition from a summer to winter wardrobe, it’s often sensible to re-equip your home for a new season. Remove in-window air conditioning units so you can close up your windows and avoid unnecessary drafts. Empty the fuel in your lawn mower and store it away for winter. Look around – especially when it comes to yard equipment, there’s probably plenty you can clear away to make extra space.

Finish Your Basement

If you’ve been thinking about finishing and remodeling your basement now is the time. The winter weather means you’ll be spending more time in your home and a games room or living area will be well-used and perfect for family gatherings over the holidays.

A finished basement is the perfect cozy spot for the long winter months.

Inspect your trees!

If you have large, looming trees around your home, it’s likely you already know the damage these beautiful beasts can cause in a storm. An arborist can check your trees for rotting branches or limbs that are already dangling and need to be removed before winter arrives.

Stock up for Storms

Winter in Illinois means snow, storms and freezing temperatures. Stock up now to ensure you’ll be comfortable should any unexpected weather take a turn for the worse.

  • Be prepared for power outages with flashlights, an emergency kit and a fully charged fire extinguisher.
  • Find a back-up generator or ensure you have wood for a fireplace in case you can’t use your main source of heat.
  • Prepare for intense yard work with a shovel and ice-melt.

For more great tips on how to improve or prepare your home for winter, contact the Reliable Home Improvement team today!

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