Across Chicagoland, we are enjoying another beautiful Fall, but bracing ourselves for the day Winter arrives. With temperatures below freezing and snow for months on end, winter is not always the most popular season, and our homes become even more important as warm hideaways from the outside world. Learn how to apply the principles of hygge to your home.

This week, we look to our Scandinavian friends for some inspiration on how to make the best of winter time. You may have heard of a popular Danish concept summed up by the term ‘hygge’. Pronounced “Hoo-gah”, this term represents the idea of comfort, coziness and contentment, all important parts of Danish culture and outlook. Read on to find out how to bring a little hygge style to your home.

Hygge Home Décor & Design

The following tips are designed to help you create a hygge home.

Adorn with Soft Fabrics

Hygge is about celebrating warmth and comfort, so blankets, cushions, rugs and other soft accessories and furnishings are a must. These simple, decorative home updates can make a huge difference to the feel of your home, without a great deal of expense or effort.

These fuzzy pillows and comfy armchairs are the perfect space to curl up with a good book.


Clutter can be distracting and stressful if it gets in the way of completing your day to day tasks. Throw out items you no longer need or want and store past season items in closets and cupboards out of the way. Prioritize the spaces you use the most.

Keep clutter at bay with lots of bathroom storage and shelving.

Decorate for You

Once you’ve finished decluttering, use the empty space for items you love the most. Hang family pictures or artwork and decorate in a way that makes you happy.

Decorate your space for you and your family.

Hygge Bathroom Trends

Hygge is not just about your living areas and bedrooms, you bathroom can also be a place of peace and relaxation. Choose a large bath tub, enjoy bubbles and decorate with candles for a relaxed, hygge evening reading in the tub.

Soak in a large tub for a relaxing evening.

 Hygge in the Kitchen

The kitchen or dining area is another great space for cozy, relaxed family time. Use candles and decorative place mats, and make family meals together extra special this winter.


Cozy up in the kitchen with a warm meal.

Embrace Simplicity

Simple, functional design can make your life easier and more comfortable. Think about how you function in your home and design to meet your own needs. Changing the layout of a room that you know doesn’t quite fit how you work can bring simple satisfaction and a new look to your home.

Create a functional layout to serve your family’s needs.

Warm Woods

Natural materials such as wood are a popular hygge choice. Choose warm wooden tones for a cozy, natural feel. Wooden cabinets and flooring are popular options and come in rich colors that will compliment countless design styles.

Wood tones can help to warm up a space.

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