Top Kitchen Design Trends

At Reliable Home Improvement, we love to share the latest trends as well as traditional, iconic, classic and timeless design. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, take a look at the kitchen design trends detailed below for a starting point, or to enhance a design idea you already love.

Gold Accents

Get that golden glow! The warmth and shimmer of gold accents is becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen. Gold and brass are currently popular for faucets, lighting, handles, frames and more. This trend is not only found in the kitchen, but in the bathroom too! You might remember our previous post on bathroom trends, and a shift towards gold and matte black fixtures.

Statement Wall

A statement wall or backsplash can define a kitchen. There are no end of options for a wall that will stand out – choose a tile you love, block color, a marble backsplash, or even a glass feature-wall.

Contrasting tile can create a unique focal point.

Creative Color

Choosing the right color for your kitchen is one of the most exciting steps in design. Blue kitchens are very popular right now – from teal to cobalt blue, every shade is welcome. Two tone kitchens are also a popular choice – consider understated charcoal gray and white, or bold complimentary colors, like orange and blue. Detail your kitchen with color and keep the base neutral, or choose an accent wall for a striking look.


The herringbone pattern is a popular design trend this year, and can bring attractive detail to flooring and walls. Think natural wood of various shades for a beautiful kitchen floor. Consider contrasting black and white, or colored herringbone tile, for a statement feature wall.

Industrial Style

The industrial style continues to be popular, in restaurants and home kitchens. Metals, concrete and industrial style lighting create a statement style and offer practicality and durability. The option to include multiple ovens has also become popular in recent years – if you love to cook for and entertain larger groups, incorporate this idea into your design.

Utilize stainless steel to create an industrial look.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is on trend, creating a more spacious feel and enabling homeowners to personalize their space by displaying items of their choice. Storage space, however, will continue to be a must, to avoid a cluttered look.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are great for creating more seating space, space for food preparation, and making the kitchen a more sociable spot. Allow your children to stay close to you while you cook, and invite guests to enjoy time in the kitchen with you.

Kitchen islands are perfect for family gatherings.

Botanical Beauty

Plants have become an important part of kitchen decor over the last few years, and this interest is set to continue, with living walls becoming increasingly popular. Consider a moss wall for an unusual, undeniably beautiful look.

For more on-trend ideas and interior design to suit you, contact the professionals at Reliable Home Improvement today.


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