Over recent years, multigenerational homes have become more common. Many older adults are moving in with their children, while young adult children are taking longer to leave home, or moving back home after college.

Multigenerational homes can be a great solution for many families, and there are plenty of home addition ideas to consider that can make the idea of multigenerational home living more appealing. A suitable home addition idea can ensure everyone has the privacy and space they need to thrive while living together.


Traditional home with large patio and landscapingA home addition can make your home work for the whole family. 


Building a Mother-in Law Suite

Building a mother-in-law suite could be the perfect solution to having your older relatives live close enough that you can visit and check in on them daily, yet enabling everyone to maintain their independence. A mother-in-law-suite will typically have its own entrance, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, similar to a small apartment. A mother-in-law suite can be built as a home addition, or the mother-in-law-suite could be a separate building on the same plot of land. Many mother-in-law suites are built at ground level so the residents can avoid the use of stairs.


Additions for Adult Children

You might consider remodeling or building a home addition to house adult children returning home after college. More young adults are choosing to live at home after they graduate to save enough money to buy a home of their own. If you’re considering building a home addition for an adult child, options include:

  • Building out with a home addition.
  • Finishing and remodeling the basement.
  • Remodeling the attic or building up to create an additional floor.
  • A garage over-build.

Consider how much privacy and space is necessary, and whether kitchen and bathroom facilities will be shared.


The Perfect Playroom

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have grandchildren living at home with you, or have the responsibility of taking care of them while your adult children are at work. If you love to spoil your grandchildren, there’s no better way to do it than to build them a playroom. The existing space under your home can be remodeled to create a beautiful space for children to play, or a simple one-room home addition could be built for this project.


If you have multiple generations of people you love looking to live at home with you, consider multigenerational home addition ideas that will make everyone more comfortable and happy. Home additions that enable large families to live together could help you save money on rent, care home costs, childcare, and improve the value of your home. We are here to discuss your multigenerational home needs, and help you find the best solution for your home and unique circumstances. Contact Reliable Home Improvement for multigenerational home addition ideas today.

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