Building an addition to a home is one way to create the home of your dreams and avoid the hassle and stress of moving. If you live in the perfect school district, love your neighborhood or live close to family and friends you’re not ready to say goodbye to, building an addition to your home could be the answer to improving the home you have, so that you don’t need to move on.

Traditional home with large patio and landscapingA home addition could improve your home so you don’t have to move.

Whether your family has grown and you need an extra bedroom or bathroom, or whether you’d like some extra space for hobby rooms, fitness rooms or a sunroom to enjoy the outdoors year round, a home addition could be the perfect solution.

If you’re thinking of building an addition to your home, you might be wondering where to start. The process of building a home addition can seem daunting, but with the steps clearly outlined, you’ll know you’re on the path to success.

Read on if you’re considering building an addition to a home.

  1. Find Out Your Property Lines and Local Building Codes

When building an addition to a home, your first step should be to confirm where your property begins and ends. Knowing where your property lines are will help you make a practical and considerate plan for your home addition. Research how close to the neighboring property you can build according to your local codes.

Choose to work with a trusted contractor or remodeling team that can take care of getting any required permits. Choose a local team familiar with the regulations in your neighborhood.

  1. Have a Plot Plan Made

The next step is to create a plot plan. The plot plan should include the following and more:

  • Your home
  • Property lines
  • Other structures
  • Utilities
  • Paved or parking areas
  • Landscaping
  • Hazards
  • And more

Your plot plan should also include the direction north, scale bar, local street names and contact information.

  1. Design a New Floor Plan

If you choose a remodeling team with architectural experience, they can help you create a new floor plan so that you can build an addition to your home that fits the current design of your home and makes the best use of the space you have.

  1. Discuss Scope

When building an addition to your home, discuss exactly what you’re looking for with your remodeling team. Discuss the scope of the work you’re looking for, and discuss budget. Look into your options in terms of materials, and gain an understanding of exactly what work will be required, including plumbing and electrical tasks. Communication is key throughout the task of building an addition to a home.


Reliable Home Improvement is a team of architects, designers, builders, electricians, plumbers and more, with the vast experience necessary for building an addition to a home. We can design and build your perfect home addition. Schedule a remote appointment or contact Reliable Home Improvement and get started with building an addition to your home today.
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