Step 1: Evaluate Needs

The first step when considering an addition to your home is to evaluate your needs.  This includes style, function, aesthetic, and relevance.  Whether you are building to sell or just improve your living environment, it is important to design an addition to look like a natural extension of the house’s current style.  A good addition will blend in with the current architecture, and harmoniously add to its aesthetic and style.

Step Two: Maximize Value

If you are building to sell, there are a few things you should consider to maximize the value of your home.  Buyers are often attracted to certain neighborhoods based on the style and overall “feel” of the neighborhood.  Therefore, it is important to use the style of your neighborhood as aesthetic guidelines.  If there is a common home addition, such as a sunroom that neighbors have and you are lacking, this is a great choice for a value increasing addition.  The idea is to match your style, space, and room function to that of your neighbors so the potential buyers will be attracted to your home over the one next door with everything you have, and an extra sunroom.  While it is an investment, it’s an investment that will appreciate itself in the overall value of the home.

Step 3: Maintain your home’s aesthetic

In order to maintain the current style of your home and neighborhood when building an addition it is important to find the right materials to match your current home.  At Reliable Home Improvement, our building experts can help provide options for building materials that will match the current aesthetic of your house.  It is important to have a good contractor when building an addition that is knowledgeable about various building materials, and can accurately match your home with cost-effective materials.  It is not always necessary to use the exact same materials to match the current build.  A new material can be used, so long as it blends with the current style, or adds to it effectively.  It is best to get a professional opinion on any materials and style you are considering for the addition.

Step 4: Keep it functional

Function is an important factor to consider when creating a home addition.  What addition will be most relevant to your current needs?  The uses for a room can range from extra storage space to an additional bedroom, theater, home office, playroom, and more.  A room can serve any function, and what is done with the space is up to you.  The most important things to consider are in regards to how the room is built.  Do you want natural or indoor lighting, high or low ceilings, carpet or hardwood, and what floor is it on?  If you don’t need an extra room, but you would like a good space to host a lunch party for visitors a sunroom is a good addition to add lots of natural lighting.  It is commonly placed near a living room or kitchen, and will add more lighting to those rooms as well.  Basement additions will clear up lots of room for storage, and a basement overhaul can change a dingy storage place into a usable area with various rooms while still providing storage space.

Step 5: Talk to a Contractor

Talk to a contractor about your options when adding a home addition.  The professionals at Reliable Home Improvement will work with you to find the right materials and plan to build an addition that will serve you, and maximize the benefit from your investment.

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