Winter is officially over, and spring is on its way.  With the cold weather on its way out, the earth comes to life again with the spring blossom.  Make the most of the season with some preparations to get your yard into shape with some basic landscaping and maintenance.  The snow is melting, and the grass is growing.  It’s time for some spring-cleaning and yard work.


Lawn Damage from Winter

The first step in preparing for the spring blossom is to fix any patches in the yard that may have been damaged by the winter thaw.  Rake the lawn of any debris that may have gathered over the winter.  Clear any dead branches or plants from the yard.  Harsh weather does damage to the lawn, and can leave the grass inconsistent.  Cover up those bare areas with a couple of shovels full of fresh soil mixed with grass seed.  Be sure to rake the ground with a metal rake beforehand to prepare the soil.  Be sure you’re using the same grass as the rest of the yard in order to get a consistent look.  Apply some pre-emergent weed killer to the lawn to prevent unwanted invasive plants from growing in, and nip that issue in the bud before they get out of control.  It is important to check for weeds, especially in areas surrounding a fence, which often are overlooked. This is the first place for weeds to begin to develop.

Prune Shrubs and Trees

Now that your yard is coated with a fresh plot of grass and you have taken an initiative to prevent weeds before they come, it’s time to prune all your shrubs and small trees.  It is important to make sure small shrubs and plants are pruned around any areas that bring foot traffic such as sidewalks and anywhere around your home and its entrance.  Some bushes are better to prune in early spring while dormant, while others are better to do late spring or early fall.  You don’t want to prune some blossoming trees in early spring or you might prevent them from getting a full bloom.

Plant Vegetables and Flowers

Early spring is a great time to prepare your garden and plant some early spring vegetables and flowers.  Some of the common early spring crops are spinach, lettuces, peas, and leaks.  Make sure to cover the seedlings during any hard frosts or return of cold weather.  This is also a perfect time to plant some flowers such as daffodils, lilies, crocus, hyacinth, and other bulb plants.

Spring is a time for new growth, and bringing life back to the earth.  The last winter thaw brings new life to your yard, and with a little bit of preparation and spring cleaning you can make sure your yard gets the full potential of a beautiful spring bloom.  Take pride in your home, and give your yard the maintenance it deserves to provide an abundance of life and growth to your lawn.

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