Home Office Ideas: Top Tips to Improve Your Work from Home Setup

This year, more of us are working from home than ever before. You most likely already understand the importance of designing the best work from home setup to meet your individual needs and complement your style of working, but may be unsure where to start.

An appropriate work from home setup can improve productivity and make working from your residence enjoyable. Check out some of our best tips, so that you can make small, affordable home office improvements, or remodel to create the perfect work from home setup.


Make Your Home Office Your Own

The best thing about working from home? Your space is your own. You can design your home office however you’d like to. If you love home design, make sure you recognize how exciting this new project could be.

If you’ve never had a home office before, consider working from home as a chance to upgrade your work space. If you’re a visual learner who’d benefit from hanging a huge wall calendar, map or whiteboard, make it happen. If you enjoy working with your partner, create a couple’s office. Choose beautiful wallpaper and furniture, or paint the walls your favorite, calming colors. Decorate with plants and photographs of people and things you love. If you work best with the ability to move away from your desk to read or process your thoughts, design accordingly. Add a velvet chaise longue for an eclectic twist, or a favorite antique armchair to curl up in with your laptop.


Remodel for Efficiency and Productivity

Some of us are more productive than ever when working from home, while others find it hard to concentrate. Much of this may depend on who else is at home with you, and whether you have the best work from home setup possible.

Ensure you create a work from home space that prioritizes productivity. If possible, make use of an existing office room or spare room, so that you’re away from noise and have a space designated for work. If you do not have a designated room available, ensure that you at least have a corner of a room dedicated to your work. At minimum, you’ll need a desk, monitors and a small space for item storage. If you’ll be working from home for an extended period of time, a home office remodel could be beneficial. Remodeling to create a new home office space can reduce stress and make working from home more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable.


Keep Home and Work-From-Home Separate

If you don’t know how long you’ll be working from home for, it can be tempting to just set your laptop down on the dining room table and work from there. One of the many problems with this arrangement is that you have to clear away everything you need to work each day, only to set it up again in the morning. Otherwise, you have to resign yourself to looking at your inadequate work from home setup every hour of the day.

This kind of work from home set up can make it difficult to draw the line between “home time” and “work time”. It’s important that you keep the two separate, for the benefit of you and your family. Ensuring you have your own work from home space will eliminate this problem.


Make Your Work from Home Space Comfortable

Ensure your work from home space meets your health and comfort needs. Ensure you have a suitable desk, standing desk or ergonomic chair. If possible, choose a room with large windows and good lighting.

Within your office, or in the area of the room in which you work, ensure you have plenty of storage space available so that your work from home space stays clutter-free.


Build an Addition for Your Home Office

If working from home is something you’ve always dreamed of, make the best of it by building a home addition, to create a dedicated space for your work. Having your own office, studio or hideaway to work in can help you focus and stay passionate about what you do. Building a home addition can also be the perfect solution for anyone creating a work from home set-up to start their own business.


Get excited about your work from home set up! Work can feel more like a choice and a treat if it’s in a space you love.

Ready to get started? Contact Reliable Home Improvement to design and build your dream work from home set up today.

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