Many children in the United States and across the world have had their first experience with home schooling this year. As challenging as the new normal can be, home schooling is an exciting opportunity for you and your little one to bond. Depending on how old your child is, there’s also a good chance they’re very pleased with the chance to stay home from school. The pandemic looks like it will continue into the New Year. Now may be the perfect time to commit to home schooling as the way of the future. You can start exploring home classroom ideas for a long-term setup with a few easy tips.

The following home classroom ideas will help you create the perfect home learning environment.


Design a Practical Home Classroom

A well-designed home classroom can make the transition to home schooling easier. Creating a practical home classroom space that has been designed for learning will set the precedent that you will take home schooling seriously.

A structured space can show your children that you mean business, despite being at home. This will help them understand that they need to follow the same kind of routine that they would at school.  Without a home classroom setup it can be difficult for children to concentrate and days can roll into one another with little progress being made.

Use a whiteboard to create a to-do list or timetable so your child knows what to expect each day. Ensure all supplies are easily available and that your child knows where everything belongs, with the expectation that they’ll help tidy up at the end of the school day.


Set Up Multiple Work Stations

A single desk may be your idea of the perfect work from home setup, but it’s unlikely your child will agree. For younger students especially, moving around is important. Break up the day by arranging your home classroom with various work stations and seating areas for different subjects or blocks of time.

Many elementary school teachers who lead a single class all day use the same tactics. Ensure your student has:

  • The technology they need for online lessons.
  • A table set up for subjects involving writing and math.
  • A cozy armchair or beanbag to relax in while they read.
  • A workstation for arts and crafts.
  • Scheduled time to exercise and play outside when the weather allows.

With so much to do and so many areas of the room to explore, the day won’t seem as long.


Make Your Home Classroom Fun

You want your children to stay in the right mindset for learning, but one key way to keep children motivated is to make learning fun.

When you’re furnishing your home classroom, ensure you choose furniture that’s the right height for your child. Make use of bold primary colors, durable flooring and wipe-clean surfaces, to create a classroom that’s fit for all kinds of fun.

Design your home classroom so that it’s an exciting, colorful place they’ll enjoy spending time in, where their work is celebrated and appreciated. One way to do this is by decorating the classroom with maps, posters and most importantly, your child’s artwork.


Design and Build Your Home Classroom

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