Bring Order to the Great Disorder in Your Home!

OK, perhaps “great disorder” is a little extreme when describing most of our homes. However, the fact remains that we could all probably benefit from a little more order that comes with implementing some unique yet simple storage solutions. Start small by tackling one area a week and before you know it, your home will be in great shape!

What we are hoping to provide here are couple of options – some very simple, some requiring a little more effort – that might help with your home organization. Let’s start with a few easier solutions.

1. Simple Home Organization Solutions

Don’t make things too complicated, there are ton of great cost-effective products on the market to get started. Those include:

Space-Saving Storage Bins

The space under your bed can be used for more than collecting dust bunnies. In a dwelling that lacks closet, attic and other traditional storage space you can turn the area under a bed into a great storage solution. Pick up a few storage bins that will fit the space. These simple, organizational staples will keep clothes, books and other items clean, dry and out of sight until you need them.

Closet Organizers

There are a number of easy-to-assemble closet organizer systems out there that can exponentially increase the amount of usable space in any closet. With a few tools and a little time you can replace a single bar with a series of shelves, cubbies and bars to hang shirts, slacks, dresses and more.

2. Traditional Storage for Non-Traditional Solutions

Next, consider ways to use the space in your closets, pantries, and cabinets:

Backside of Bedroom & Closet Doors

You can increase storage space significantly by transforming the back of any door into a place to store caps, shoes and socks, bath towels and other linens or more. Many storage or bed and bath retailers stock a hook or pocket system that hangs from the top of a door that still allows the door to close. Select the item that best suits your needs and fill those hooks or pockets to free up space from overstuffed closets, shelves and dresser drawers.

Backside of Cabinet & Pantry Doors

Small kitchens with even smaller pantries can benefit from an over-the-door organization solution. Those same shoe and sweater pockets make great storage for bags of pasta, rice, legumes, spice packets, bags of trail mix and other snacks, and anything else that might free up the limited space you deal with on a daily basis. This also works for the backside of cabinet doors. Consider hanging your dish towels, sponges, and brushes to keep them out of sight in the kitchen.

3. Hidden Spaces

Speaking of kitchens, we recently discovered some space that, with a little planning and effort, can be turned from empty air to great drawers for utensils, cupcake pans, flat baking pans and more. Just take a look UNDER the cabinets below the counter space … usually what you will see is a kick plate and behind that kick plate is just empty space. That space can be turned into highly functional pull-out drawers. The especially handy individual could probably complete this by him or herself, but this project might be one for a contractor or kitchen remodeling specialist.

To Recap:

  • Start with simple solutions like storage bins and closet organizers.
  • Use traditional storage products for non-traditional solutions.
  • Make use of those hidden spaces around your home.

A little planning, organization and creativity can go a long way in helping you reclaim the space in your home. Give clutter the heave-ho with these simple solutions.

If you have simply just ran out of space, why not consider a home addition? Check out some of the Chicago home additions completed by the team at Reliable Home Improvement to get ideas on how to expand your space.

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