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Today, there’s an app for everything – including remodeling. Home remodeling apps can help you get in the mood for a remodel, help you explore trends and develop your own personal style, and help you work on DIY projects. If you’re ready to download a remodeling app and learn more about the process of remodeling, consider one of the following.


Remodeling Apps



Pinterest has long been the go-to site for anyone looking for design inspiration and beautiful images. With helpful buttons to click through and shop, you can also purchase items you find, or find useful articles via Pinterest. Yes, it’s a remodel app! You can download the Pinterest app and browse on the go.



Ready to repurpose a room and need help with the layout? MagicPlan is the perfect home remodeling app to help you create the floorplan you need. Use your camera to capture your room as it stands. Use the remodel app to add everything from windows to electrical units. With a 95% precision rate, this is a remodeling app you can really use to make decisions about the layout of your home. It also has the functionality to share your data with those that will help bring your plans to life. MagicPlan is particularly useful as a kitchen remodel app, or bathroom remodel app, where a carefully thought-out layout is key.



HomeZada is a home remodeling app that is all about planning and meeting goals. Use HomeZada for:

  • Budgeting
  • Timelines
  • Recording completed tasks
  • Creating wish lists

If a dream without a plan is just a wish, HomeZada is one home remodeling app that can help your remodeling dreams come true.



Choosing the perfect color paint – it’s a big decision and one of the most exciting when it comes to home remodeling. Popular home remodeling app TapPainter will help you envision how your own home will look with the paint color of your choice. Using a picture of the wall you wish to paint, the remodeling app will note lighting and other factors that will determine how your painted wall will look.



Design with your own home in mind with home remodeling app, Adornably. Using photorealistic images, you can get a sense of how the furniture you love will look in the space you have, before purchase. Use this remodeling app to browse countless designs and furniture ideas for the perfect look that won’t disappoint when purchased.



Houzz is another widely known home renovation and design website also available as a remodeling app. Houzz is perfect for finding resources and vendors for home design projects, for browsing beautiful home design imagery and for remodeling companies to showcase past projects.


Apps for Homeowners

If you’re not quite ready to remodel but need an app for homeowners to help you declutter or make the best of your home as it is, there are also valuable apps out there for you. One of the best apps for homeowners is Nextdoor. This simple app helps you connect with your community. Ask questions and people in your neighborhood will respond. Ask to borrow items, or advertise local services. You can also sell items or give them away for free via the Nextdoor app.


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