This blog post focuses on remodeling steps. It is an overview of the remodeling process so you better know what to expect.

When remodeling, where do you start?

A remodel can feel like a daunting task to take on. Planning ahead and being able to understand and foresee remodeling steps can help you keep the end goal in sight and enjoy the remodeling journey.


1.      Get Quotes and Hire a Team

The first remodeling step is to find a select few companies you’re interested in, get quotes and hire a team.

  • Choose a team that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Read customer reviews.
  • Talk to a team member to get a feel for the company – you’ll be working together for a while.
  • Choose a team that can offer design, plumbing, construction work and more, for a seamless remodel without juggling countless quotes, timelines and more.


2.      Restructure and Tear Out

If walls are to be knocked down or your room is to be restructured, this must be scheduled to be one of the earliest remodeling steps. If you’re keeping the basic layout of the room the same, this step will focus on removing existing cabinets etc., tearing out the old to make way for the new.


3.      Rough-In Work by Skilled Tradespeople

Rough-in work involves work on the essential lines, without connecting the fixtures. This important remodeling step may include work on plumbing pipes, duct work, and electrical conduit.


4.      Professional Inspection

To complete this remodeling step, you can schedule a professional inspection from the city or county to ensure your remodel meets applicable building codes for your jurisdiction. If you’re working with a professional remodeling team, this remodeling step will be taken care of on your behalf.


5.      Finish with Drywall

Use drywall to finish your walls. This process involves hanging and taping it to the walls with care. Once this remodeling step is complete, consider adding primer to protect the drywall until paint is applied.


6.      Work on Doors and Windows

If you’ve restructured your room, now’s the time to add in new doors and windows. Don’t forget to add insulation where possible – simply sealing your windows can make your room more comfortable and save energy and heating costs. If you’re keeping existing doors and windows this is a simple remodeling step, simply clean them up and seal any cracks.

sun room with cedar walls and ceiling

Windows are an important part of your design


7.      Paint Walls or Add Wallpaper

Decorating your walls with paint or wallpaper can be a turning point in your remodel, especially if your chosen paint or wallpaper adds a pop of color or personality to the design. Paint your walls or add the wallpaper of your choice before cabinets, fixtures and appliances enter the space.


8.      New Cabinets and Fixtures Arrive

At this point, you’ll start to see your newly remodeled room take shape. You’re ready to insert new cabinets, and new plumbing fixtures. For a kitchen remodel, this might include cabinets, sinks and faucets. In a bathroom this might include bathtubs and more.


9.      New Appliances Arrive

Now you can add in your new built-in appliances, including your new oven, refrigerator, and more! Leave freestanding appliances, such as countertop microwaves and toaster ovens, out of the room until work is complete.

custom fitted cabinets around refrigerator

Add in built-in appliances


10. Let There be Light

Adding new light fixtures comes next. You might be surprised what a difference this remodeling step will make to how complete the remodel looks.


11. Update Flooring

This is the last of our remodeling steps. Your flooring will either be updated at the end of the remodeling process or before cabinets are inserted, depending on various factors and determined by your remodeling team. The beautiful new flooring you’ve chosen will complete the look for your newly remodeled room.


12. Enjoy Your Newly Remodeled Room

With the above remodeling steps complete, simply relax and enjoy your newly remodeled room.

modern gray kitchen with large island

Enjoy the beauty of a newly remodeled room


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