If curling up with your favorite book is your idea of the perfect evening in, these reading room ideas will make your alone-time even more heavenly.

Convert Your Spare Room

A spare room in your house can be the perfect space to turn into a charming, cozy reading room.

Once you’ve found a vacant room, it can be tempting to dive right in and use it as is. If you’ve been longing for a reading room for a while, take the time to truly claim the space and make it perfect for its new purpose:

  • Pick a favorite color, interior design style, or a theme based on your favorite work of fiction. Browse Pinterest if you’re stuck for ideas.
  • Ensure the room is comfortable to spend long periods of time in. Is the space warm or cool enough? Take a look at the flooring and windows to see if any updates are required.
  • Repaint in calming colors that make you feel peaceful and happy.
  • Choose new soft, luxurious furnishings and furniture, as well as a comfortable armchair.

Voila! You have the ideal new reading room to enjoy.

Create a Reading Nook in an Adjoining Room

An underused walk-in closet, or a small home addition, if you have the budget, can easily be transformed into a dreamy reading nook.

Newly built homes often feature connected bathrooms, but there are many other uses for adjoining rooms of all sizes. A cozy reading room is just one of them. A bedroom reading nook is great for those who read before going to sleep, or wake up in the night but don’t want to disturb their partner. Adjoining rooms give you the feeling of being close, and spending time together, without necessarily doing the same thing.

Perhaps you don’t have the budget to build an adjoining room, but can reconsider the layout in your master bedroom, to create a dedicated in-room reading nook.

Create a Kids’ Reading Nook

Creating a kids’ reading nook is a little different and requires a lot of imagination! A children’s reading den will typically be within their bedroom or playroom. Like any other den, the more magical you want it to be, the more creative you’ll have to get. Try building your own nook using sheets, or have fun with a play tent or teepee. Light up the room with fairy lights. If the space is too small for you that’s ok; it can promote independent reading. If it’s big enough, take this opportunity to rediscover the joy of reading with your children.

Surprise your children with a kids’ reading nook, or have fun building it together. Hide a new book inside to get the fun started right away.

Bring Your Designs to Life

Ready to bring all these reading nook ideas to life? As experienced home remodelers, designers and construction experts, we can build the perfect space to honor your imagination or indulge your thirst for knowledge. Share your vision with us and we’ll design the perfect home reading room for you, worthy of your own fictional heroes.

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