You’ve just gotten home from a long day of work and the living room is full of toys. Or maybe you have a young child and need to give them a quiet room to nap, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the family. Creating that perfect nursery or playroom for your kids can offer some separation while providing a safe space for children to play or rest.

Knowing the Difference: Nursery vs. Playroom

While it may seem like common sense, knowing the difference between what should be included in a nursery vs. a playroom is important for your budget and the aesthetic of the space.

  • A nursery is bedroom for an infant or toddler. It almost always includes a cradle, bassinet or crib, a table to change diapers, and rocking chair to relax and feed.
  • A playroom is used by children for entertainment and learning. This area includes toys and decoration that is fun but can also be educational.

The costs of each will vary depending on your design and what you include, but generally cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

Modern Ideas for a Nursery

The most enjoyable nursery is one that offers essentials over luxury, for both the child and the parent.

The first step in the process is to choose a room that can accommodate comfort. You may consider a space that doesn’t experience as much direct sunlight to allow for rest.

Your color palette should also be soothing. Creams, greys, and neutral tones provide these characteristics, as do modern spins on traditional colors. Look for a calming shade of blue or a soft variant of pink.

Next, you’ll want to consider sleeping materials that keep your child safe and sound. Choose products that meet US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards to protect your child from climbing out of their crib or slipping through openings. A comfortable mattress, mattress pads, sheets, and blankets are also a must. Consider adding a mobile above the crib or a mini speaker for music. You might even include a small camera to monitor your child via an app.

Traditional nurseries include a rocking chair, which remains common. However, you might consider a lounging chair with a chaise to relax while your baby falls back asleep after a feeding. Soft lighting, throw blankets, and accent pillows may come in handy to keep you comfortable.

Finally, your changing table will surely be used, but don’t forget about places to keep your supplies. A waste pail for diapers is essential, as are dressers, baskets, bins and built in storage cubbies to keep items.

The Latest Trends for Children’s Playrooms

“Play” is a key part of children’s playrooms, but so is education. The area is designed for children of all ages and could include almost any kind of toy, kid-friendly furniture, and more. While your design should rely heavily on the interests of your child, there are many common pieces that every playroom needs to be functional and enjoyable.

Start by painting with colors that inspire fun and learning. Light shades are always classic, just as they would be in a nursery. However, playrooms often offer more vibrancy. Select a fairly neutral color for walls and trims, but add pops of yellow, pink, orange or purple with furnishings, rugs, play sets, and tables.

One of the most common concerns parents have is keeping the playroom organized. It’s easy to overlook, but storage in a playroom is extremely important. You may consider built-in shelving and bins for large toys, while smaller items can be placed in wicker crates or units with drawers that are easy to move and clean.

A child’s playroom is the perfect place to explore and imagine. Get creative with the space available. Kids love to climb, slide, and hide out. If you have the room, consider building a fort to play in or even a child’s climbing wall (remember to put down lots of padding for this one).

The best playrooms find a balance between equipment for amusement and opportunities for education.

For times when learning is the key focus of entertainment, a small TV may be useful for video lessons. You can also include a durable, protected table for arts and crafts, as well as a place to display the finished work.

Build the Perfect Playroom or Nursery with Reliable Home Improvement

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