Perfect for Keeping Parents and In-Laws Close (Yet Far Enough Away)

More and more generations of families are living together under one roof. In fact, research shows that at least a fifth of all Americans live with multiple generations, including 24% of citizens age 55 to 64.

With the rise of multigenerational living, the “mother-in-law” or “in-law” suite has become a common trend for home building and renovations.

Why has this become so popular? For starters, an in-law suite makes it much easier for “kids” to take care of their older parents or in-laws who may need help traveling to appointments or to cook. Parents and empty-nesters often want to downsize and avoid the responsibilities of owning a home (cleaning, yard maintenance, etc.) Moving into an in-law suite is a great way to reduce space, save money, and enjoy retirement. Grandpa and grandma get to spend time with their grandchildren, and can even babysit while mom and dad are at work.

Homeowners often enjoy the idea of an in-law suite too. While parents are close by, they have their own space and everyone has privacy when necessary.

Considering an in-law suite for your home? Learn how this addition could be the perfect solution for your family.

What is Included in an In-Law Suite?

In-law suites vary, just as your home is unique in size and style. Higher end fixtures, furnishings, and appliances will affect the overall cost. Consider building an in-law suite similar to adding a small apartment.

Many in-law suites are attached to the home but are separated by level and have a private entrance, while others simply have a door for privacy. These units include private rooms, such as a:

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Storage Area

It may seem daunting to take on this kind of home improvement, but the actual cost savings could be valuable, especially if you’re considering adding an in-law suite primarily for care purposes. According to the American Council on Aging, the nationwide average per year for a private room in a nursing home is just under $106,000.

What You Will Need to Determine

Take the time to figure out how much space you have and what it would take to set up any necessary utilities like water, electricity, plumbing, HVAC, etc. These are often separate from the rest of your house so they can be switched off or controlled separately if the dwelling is unoccupied for a period of time.

In-law suites can be built in many parts of your home, including:

  • Your basement
  • Your attic
  • Your converted garage
  • A new extension of your home

You will also need to consider what your guests needs are. If you have parents who have trouble with stairs, it might be best to build an in-law suite on the first level of your home.

Next, local building codes will need to be researched. Many utility and accessibility requirements revolve around these codes and they will impact what you can include and where things need to be placed. You may require new permits and will need to follow all zoning rules and regulations.

Once you’ve determined how to create your in-law suite, you can finalize design plans and work with a professional home improvement company to turn your vision into a reality.

Remodeled bedroom

A home addition can allow you to create a beautiful in-law suite.

Why Should I Invest in an In-Law Suite?

In addition to having space for family, there are various benefits of adding an in-law suite, many of them financial:

  • In-law suites provide affordable housing. These dwellings are often a solution for individuals on a fixed income and are very popular as the inventory of homes is increasingly low due to the pandemic.
  • New home additions often add home value. With fewer homes available, the ones that are for sale are receiving top dollar. The addition of an in-law suite is often sought-after by buyers. Depending on where your home is located, how much you spend on improvements and other factors, your addition could warrant you a significant return.
  • You can rent your in-law suite. Maybe your parents or relatives don’t need to live at home all year or eventually need skilled care. You can earn on your investment by renting this private residence. With space at a premium, this could also net a nice return.

Start on Your In-Law Suite with Reliable Home Improvement

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