Do you have an outdoor space you love, but want to make it a little more special? Try some of our design tips below.

Add a Patio

A patio will create a special space in your backyard where you can sit, enjoy your surroundings and relax. Choose a patio tile you love and patio furniture that is comfortable and decorative.

Adding a patio can create more livable space outdoors.

Add a Feature Fireplace

Add a focal point, just as you might in an indoor room. A feature fireplace or fire pit makes a great focal point, perfect for social gatherings, making the outdoors comfortable for longer into the evening, and later into the year.

Stay warm and cozy on those cool summer nights.

Build a Deck

Build a deck for the ultimate outdoor space. A deck creates the perfect outdoor party space, or spot to sit all summer long. Whether you plan to enjoy the outdoors independently, or invite loved ones to enjoy your new favorite place, a deck is bound to encourage you to spend more time outdoors. When designing a deck or patio space, make sure it is easily accessible from inside your home, to ensure it gets plenty of use.

A deck makes a perfect covered spot for an evening meal.

Create Distinct Areas

If you have a large outdoor space or backyard, create distinct outdoor areas just as you would indoors. Create space for grilling, socializing and children’s play, as applies to your lifestyle.


Create Privacy

Privacy around your outdoor space with shrubs and trees, living walls, or curtains can help make your  space more cozy.


Make Affordable Updates

Once your deck or patio area is set, you can make affordable updates to cushions, umbrellas, floor mats or rugs yearly or seasonally. Choose your color scheme and style ahead of time for a unified look.

The addition of a patio set can be an affordable way to liven up your outdoor space.

Choose Lighting

Lighting can help you use your deck, patio or outdoor space long into the evening. Lighting can have a huge effect on ambiance, so choose carefully.


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