Your backyard is a beautiful place, and should be an outdoor sanctuary for you to relax and enjoy being at one with nature. But how can you create a private sanctuary for only you and your loved ones to enjoy? Our ideas below will help you create privacy and the kind of outdoor space that you can use for personal enjoyment and social gatherings, throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Trees and Shrubs around a Patio

A partition doesn’t have to be a manmade product – you can use trees or shrubs to create a divide between your private outdoor sanctuary and the outside world. If you don’t have a favorite outdoor space right now, consider a patio. Choose a paving tile you love and select your favorite trees and shrubs to stand guard and protect your new favorite place.

Use landscaping to breakup the patio area and provide privacy.

Portable Partition

A portable partition can quickly and easily create some level of privacy from neighbors, and also create a divide in space between adults and kids. A wooden, painted design can bring color to your garden and create vacation vibes, or even a beachy tropical feel. A portable partition is also affordable, easy to move and store.


Trellis or Living Wall

Living walls have also become increasingly popular in recent years. Using a trellis for climbing ivy and other plants is a timeless, classic look that will never go out of fashion. Use nature itself to create privacy around a patio, favorite seating area or to border you garden or yard space.


Deck Curtains

Opting to build a deck is another great way to get the special outdoor space you need. Most client’s find that with more space, comes more options.  So if you’re looking to build a deck, the bigger the better. Once your deck is built, you’ll most likely feel you have the perfect sanctuary. But for additional privacy, an easy option is to add outdoor deck curtains. Long, swooping floor length curtains can add a touch of luxury to your deck.

Add curtains or screens to your deck for some added privacy or to keep out bugs.

Ready to get started on crafting the perfect outdoor space? Reliable Home Improvement is here to design and build your patio or deck from start to finish.


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