While you may be planning to stay in your current home forever, the average American moves every five to seven years. This means that every year millions of Americans are looking to recoup renovation costs when getting ready to move.

Being selective and thoughtful when deciding what and how to remodel is a critical element in maximizing the amount of value your remodel will receive. While Kitchen and Bathroom remodels tend to be the most popular improvements in the home, how they are upgraded is nearly as important as the upgrade itself.

Maximize a Kitchen Remodel

As the center of the home, kitchens are often the main impression of the house and serve as a barometer for the quality of the rest of the house. Buyers tend to look for quality, attractive, and functional kitchens.

Adding durable, timeless materials can help maximize value in your kitchen remodel.

Some of the best improvements that you can make would be to choose materials that are not only attractive but are also durable and timeless. Looking to the future, if you are selling the house, the kitchen is most often a make or break room for buyers.

Maximize a Bathroom Remodel

Next to kitchens, Bathrooms are one of the most popular remodels and additions. To help maximize your home value, consider adding a bathroom if you do not have more than one. Adding even a half-bath on the main floor of a multi-story house can add incredible resale value to your home. Not to mention, it will be more convenient for your family and guests.

Double vanities in master bathroom can be a wise investment.

Beyond adding a bathroom, look to maximize value through the materials used. Opt for quality tile work and fixtures to improve the space rather than making the space larger. Adding a dual vanity in a master bathroom can also be a prudent investment and extremely functional.

Maximize Value through Curb Appeal

The true first impression of any home is your front elevation. By improving the curb appeal of your home through new building materials like a fresh coat of paint or even landscaping, you can increase the value of the home.  However, make sure you are still in line with your neighborhood. Potential buyers typically look into the entire neighborhood when deciding where to purchase.

To truly get the most out of your next remodel, contact the experts at Reliable Home Improvement. We’ll work with you to understand how to maximize your home value.

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