Each individual remodeling project will have its own remodeling costs depending on materials chosen, size of the room, scope of the project, experience of the team, skills and services required, and all kinds of individual differences all affecting the bottom line.

However, it is possible to get an idea of a ballpark remodeling cost before you get a quote. Consider how expansive of a remodel you wish to take on depending on your budget and how much you wish to spend.


Major Kitchen Remodel Cost

A major or luxury kitchen remodel is perhaps one of the most expensive individual room remodels you can choose, with a ballpark price of between 35k and $75k. A very high-end remodel could cost up to 150k. Kitchen remodeling costs tend to be higher than other rooms due to wiring, plumbing, electrics and other trade skills needed. Factors affecting this price also include how expensive the materials chosen are, the quality of cabinets chosen, and whether top of the range appliances are chosen. It also depends on whether walls are knocked down or rebuilt. Out of budget, or luxury kitchen remodel cost too high? Scale down to a moderate kitchen remodel.

Custom Gray Island with extra storage

Moderate Kitchen Remodel Cost

If you can’t afford a major remodel, a moderate kitchen remodel can make your kitchen beautiful, and will most likely deal with all your major pain points. Keep remodeling costs down by choosing to reface rather than replace kitchen cabinets, choosing luxury vinyl flooring and by keeping the layout similar. A minor or moderate kitchen remodel usually costs around 12K – 30K depending on requirements.


Major Bathroom Remodel Cost

Bathroom remodeling is perhaps the second most popular and expensive remodeling choice, aside from building a home addition. With so many options available to you today, it is certainly possible to make your bathroom luxurious. Some options available include:

  • Choosing to enlarge your bathroom
  • Adding a freestanding tub
  • Opting for a double vanity
  • Choosing top of the range exhaust fans
  • Choosing marble, stone and other expensive materials

All the ideas above will certainly create a lair of luxury for you to enjoy, but will also put you at a higher price point. A luxury bathroom remodel could cost between 50-100k.

Sophisticated his and hers vanities with green tile

Moderate Bathroom Remodel Cost

Don’t let the above remodeling costs scare you away. The average homeowner will spend around 9k-$23k on remodeling their bathroom. Your scope and personal preferences will influence this price to some degree, but a more affordable bathroom remodel will most likely complete all your necessary updates and make it a more beautiful, enjoyable room to be in.

This price is likely to increase for homeowners that wish to remodel to live out their later lives at home, with grab bars being installed and other accessible adaptations being made. However, very significant price increases will only be seen when structural changes are necessary.


Bedroom & Living Room Remodel Cost

Without the complex plumbing work or appliances of other rooms, a bedroom or living room remodel is likely to be more affordable. Budget around $8-10k if you don’t need walls knocking down or your home to be restructured.

organized contemporary bedroom after spring cleaning

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