How to Save Energy When Doing a Home Remodel

Every day we use energy without thinking – turning on lights, working on computers, cooking meals, and enjoying refrigerated food. We expect electricity, an essential part of our day-to-day lives, to always be available on demand. But instead of making the most of our energy supply, we often waste it. Making out homes more energy efficient can keep our wallets a little fuller and the earth a little happier. Increased energy efficiency is something that often comes with a newly remodeled home, but there are also little improvements you can choose to make day to day that help to save energy.

Time to Unplug

With so much going on it can be tempting never to switch off or unplug the entertainment devices we use the most, but choosing to unplug laptops and televisions when not in use can save energy. The energy consumed by devices we’re not using is known as standby power.

Turn Out the Lights

It might be automatic for most of you, but if it isn’t, get into the habit of turning out the lights when you leave the room. If you continue to forget, it’s likely you’ll end up with multiple rooms wasting energy in this way, every day. Another easy lighting fix is to move over to energy-efficient light bulbs.

Turning out the lights when you leave the room or using natural light will help to keep energy costs low.

Clean Your Filters

General maintenance can help improve energy efficiency around the home. For example, if your AC filters aren’t clean, it’s likely your unit is working extra hard to cool down your home, using more energy than it should.

Insulate Your Home

Summer or winter, in Chicagoland it seems like we’re always trying to cool down or heat up our homes! A lack of proper insulation can mean we’re wasting energy year-round. An insulated loft, storm doors, and storms windows can keep out the cold and mean we’re spending less on heating our homes. Insulation can also mean the cool air won’t escape as easily during the hot summer months. If you found keeping cool difficult this summer, take the opportunity to upgrade your insulation this fall before winter arrives.

Choose Energy Efficient Windows

According to, heat gain and heat loss through windows makeup 25-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. If you’re remodeling your home or looking to update your windows, energy efficiency is an important consideration.

Choose energy-efficient windows and doors to keep drafts out of the home.

Update Your Water Heater

The Department of Energy also explains how important choosing the right water heater can be in terms of reducing your energy bill. In fact, it states that water heating can account for around 18% of a family’s home energy use.

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Choosing new, energy-efficient appliances is an important part of remodeling your kitchen. Not only will new appliances look great, they’ll also help you save energy – particularly if you have an older fridge or other appliance known for draining resources.

Energy-efficient appliances can go a long way to keep energy costs down.

Looking to remodel your home or make it more energy efficient? Contact the professionals at Reliable Home Improvement for guidance today.

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