At Reliable Home Improvement we believe it’s possible to make every part of your home outstandingly beautiful. Your staircase might be one part of your home that you didn’t realize could make a statement, but it’s a focal point that we can help you make the most of. From fun, bold and colorful ideas to classic beauty, see how you can make your staircase stand out in your home.

Painted Stair Tops

For a bold, colorful look, try painting your stair tops to match and enhance an ongoing color scheme. Choose a fashion or accent color to stand out – whether you go for a subtle gray or olive green, or for a bolder mustard yellow, you can control how prominent you want your stairs to be.

Rainbow or Ombré Stairs

The stairs are a great feature spot to express a love of color. Paint your stairs every color of the rainbow, choose a few key colors and rotate them, or go for one color, with an ombré effect from dark to light as the stairs progress up or down. Take a look at the Pantone website for color charts and inspiration.

Classic Wooden Design

If your stairs are currently carpeted, renovating your stairs to hardwood could be a real transformation. Classic wooden staircases can be stunning and never go out of fashion.

A classic wood staircase with carpeted runner will never go out of style.

Intricate Banisters

Maybe you’re interested in keeping the stairs themselves simple and having the banisters stand out. Intricate hand rails can add a touch of elegance to your staircase.

Bold Banisters

Boldly painted banisters with wooden or neutrally colored stairs is another idea for a pop of color.

Let the curved banister speak for itself in this stunning entryway.

Tiled Stair Risers

Ceramic tiles come in all kinds of beautiful patterns and designs, and can certainly bring flair and color to your staircase. Keep the tops of your stairs simple if you opt for this design idea.

Monochrome Design

If color is not your thing, make your stairs stand out with a monochrome design. Combined with wooden accents this look can be as dramatic and iconic as you make it.

Distressed & Vintage

If you love the subtlety of chic, vintage vibes, opt for stained and distressed painted stairs.  Soft, dull tones often work well with this style.

Wallpapered Stair Risers

Self-adhesive wallpaper is another option for unusual, decorative stair risers. Applying it to the stairs instead of the walls can make a bold print less overwhelming, and will create an artistic look.

Looking for more ideas to improve your home? Contact the professionals at Reliable Home Improvement for design ideas unique to you and your home.

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