One design element essential to all kitchens: plenty of storage! No matter who you are, you likely have countless pots, pans and dishes that need a home of their own. Keeping tidy is important to helping your kitchen look its best, so when you remodel or redesign, be sure to consider all your options for kitchen storage.


Open Shelves

Keeping your pots and pans hidden is no longer a requirement! Open shelving, including freestanding shelves and floating shelves, are becoming more and more popular. This trend allows you to show off your favorite kitchenware and use it to add personality and flair to your kitchen.

Open shelving can showcase your collection of stemware or china.

Hanging baskets

Using Hanging baskets is another great storage idea that shows off your kitchenware or groceries rather than hiding them away.

3-tier hanging baskets are perfect for displaying and storing fruit and vegetables. Other metal baskets can be found to hook over doors, hang in your pantry and more.

Countertop Containers

Mason jars and other clear glass jars have long been a popular choice for inexpensive, decorative kitchen storage. Keep lose grains, tea bags, sugar and more at hand and ready to use with this simple, inexpensive storage solution.

Island Storage

Kitchen islands are a hugely popular design feature with newly remodeled kitchens right now. Islands with built in wine storage can help you show off your wine collection and stay organized. Islands can give you extra space to sit but seating that’s easy to store, with stools you can push under the island. With additional drawer space you can store linens, pots and pans and more within your island. You can even install appliances such as your dishwasher or oven into your island.

Use an island to add even more storage space.

Deep Pull-Out Drawers

Don’t think drawers can fill your storage needs? Go big! Deep, pull-out drawers are a great kitchen storage option. Perfect for those that love to cook, deeper drawers can store your pots and other larger cookware.

Take advantage of every space for unexpected storage.

Remodel and Make the Most of Your Space

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