During the Valentines season, we consider how our homes impact our relationships and lives together when living as a couple, old or new.

Moving in and designing your first home is an exciting time for any couple, but it’s important to engage in this project equally, with consideration for one another. Follow these simple tips for décor that inspires a happy home life for both of you.

Already living together? It’s possible that many of the little things that cause tension can be fixed with better home design. Read on to find out more.

Create Spaces for Me Time

No matter how much you love one another, having time to yourself is important to wind down and recoup. Make sure both people have a space to call their own, whether it’s a study, a room in the basement, or a special chair downstairs, to retreat to. Bear this in mind when adding home additions, finishing basements and remodeling other areas of the home.

She-sheds or man caves may seem like trendy remodeling terms, but they can greatly improve your relationship to steal away some alone time.

Balance your Interests

Neither partner’s interests should dominate your home. A love of cars, music or collecting a particular ornamental item is all very well but try to remember your home is a shared space, so don’t let it pervade your home.

Merging style and interests for both partners can create a harmonious space.

Choose Your Bed and Sofa Together

You’ll spend most of your relaxation time either in bed, or on the sofa together. It’s one thing to move in your existing dining table, cabinets or other furniture, but try to choose these more personal items together.

Pick out those big pieces like a new sofa together.

Choose Bedroom Lighting Carefully

Overly bright or fluorescent bedroom lighting is unflattering and unsuited to the mood of any bedroom.  Choose incandescent lighting, consider a dimmer switch and create soft, flattering tones with the lamps and lighting you choose.

Choose Artwork Together

Artwork can make your home unique and should give the viewer an insight into who you are as a couple. It should reflect your personal tastes and should be chosen collaboratively. Think about choosing artwork that means something to you and your relationship – consider paintings of places you’ve been together or both aspire to go to, and of course, photos of the two of you.

Choose Plenty of Storage

Cluttered surfaces, tables and nightstands can cause stress. When designing a room make sure you include plenty of storage options to make tidying things away easy, and of course, make sure you both do you part to put things away after using them.

Additional storage, especially in the bathroom, can help to deter any arguments about clutter


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