We love exploring new kitchen trends and design ideas, but part of creating that perfect design you’ll love long-term is knowing which kitchen trends to avoid. This blog post on kitchen trends to avoid 2020 is perfect for anyone looking to design for now, looking towards the future. Bear in mind these kitchen trends to avoid to create a design that will stand the test of time.

Good kitchen design can stand the test of time.

Avoid Open Plan Kitchens

The lure of perceived open space is one that has encouraged homeowners to knock down walls and create open plan kitchens for the last few years.

While some open plan designs will still remain popular, many homeowners are realizing the benefits of having designated areas for different activities, and finding value in their walls to keep smells, sights and sounds separate. Moving away from the mess of a kitchen after a big family meal can help you relax.

Avoid Plaster Walls

Plaster walls may be appealing at the moment, and can add an air of rustic charm and simplicity to your home. However, this popular look will soon be dated. Plaster walls are not only a kitchen trend to avoid due to predicted fading popularity, they’re also very difficult to keep clean without paint or tile to protect them – not ideal for a kitchen setting.

Avoid Pot Racks

We’ve all been drawn in by beautiful hanging copper pots in countless Instagram and Pinterest photos, but which of us have the kitchen pots and pans to really create this look? We’re confident it won’t look right unless you have the perfect kitchenware to display, and unless you have a display set just for this purpose, the dust pot racks gather is very inconvenient. Unless you love this design and have pots especially for this purpose, this is one kitchen trend to avoid.

Avoid Distressed Cabinets

Distressed cabinets were popular for a while as part of the rustic, farmhouse look. Distressed cabinets still have their place in a home that follows this theme, but today homeowners are choosing painted or stained wooden cabinets that look clean, simple and timeless.

Avoid Barn Doors

Another design idea that lent towards farmhouse living and rustic charm, barn doors are a kitchen trend to avoid in 2020. In fact, barn doors have been out of style for several years now, as homeowners come to realize this trend doesn’t fit most homes.

Avoid the Over the Range Microwave

The over the range microwave design is one that had become very popular for space-saving reasons. This is no longer the case as having the microwave in a more accessible position has started to take priority in design.

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