Gravity – the main reason adding a bathroom to a basement is often times more difficult than any other area in the home. That being said, adding a bathroom to the basement can not only provide much needed function for your home, but can also add resale value to your home.

Consider the Plumbing

The biggest concern about adding a bathroom to a finished basement is plumbing. Does your basement already have a floor drain or piping? If not, you may need to dig into your foundation, which can be a big undertaking.

There are, however, options that avoid jackhammering concrete. These include upflushing toilets, compostable toilets, or sewer ejector systems. All have their benefits and drawbacks.

Consider your Needs

With a bathroom in the basement consider your full needs. Does a half-bath fit within your purposes? Or are you in need of a full bath complete with shower or bathtub?

With basements typically being damp, take careful consideration to eliminate the potential of mold or mildew with showers or tubs.

Sunny and bright colors can illuminate a basement bathroom without natural light.


Basements have a reputation of being dark and dingy. Consider adding valuable lighting to the vanity area. This is especially critical if you are not able to get any natural light in the basement.

Adding a bathroom can be a daunting prospect. However, it can add some critical value to your home, not only in monetary home value, but also in the function and practicality of the home. With the added complications of plumbing and electrical work, it is recommended to hire a professional to help with this type of project.

Be sure to read our post on how to prevent mold, especially in a basement bathroom.

If you are looking to finish a basement and add a bathroom, contact us and we can get you on the right path.

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