With the weather turning warmer, we are dreaming of all the time we are going to spend outside this summer. We love outdoor living spaces that feel like an extension of your home. Take full advantage of the Spring and Summer months by creating an outdoor living space.

To help jump start your inspiration, we’ve compiled a few tips and ideas to create a sublime outdoor living area:

Create designated zones

Just like in your home, create separate functional zones in your outdoor living space. Have a casual seating area with outdoor chairs and couches. Use an outdoor rug to help break up the spaces. Similarly include a dining table and chairs for those perfect summer nights to eat outside.

The addition of a back covered patio can allow you to enjoy the outdoors even if it’s raining.

Consider you traffic

You want your outdoor living space to be as accessible as possible. Make sure you can access the space from the inside in a functional way. For example, have your outdoor dining table accessible from your kitchen if possible.

Additionally, make sure your outdoor living area is accessible from a point in your home that you don’t mind people traipsing through.

Add some warmth

Fireplaces and firepits are commonly being added to outdoor living spaces to extend their use through cooler nights. Check with local fire codes before adding this element.

Cook outside

Firing up the grill during the summer months is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Consider building a complete outdoor kitchen.  A countertop for food prep and storage are all you need to turn up your culinary skills in an outdoor setting. You could even add a small refrigerator and sink to truly bring the kitchen outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen can be a great entertaining space to set up the grill.

Protect yourself from nosy neighbors.

Enjoying your new outdoor living area can be difficult if you and the neighbor are staring at each other. By installing lattice or even creating a “plant wall” with varying heights of plants, you can help give your outdoor living space a bit of privacy.

Let the experts at Reliable Home Improvement help to bring your outdoor living dreams to reality. Contact us to get your project started!

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