With Thanksgiving and the Holiday season fast upon us, this is the time for family gatherings, good cheer, and of course houseguests. This season avoid houseguest disasters with our top 10 tips for preparing your home for the holiday season.

Tips to Get your Home Ready for House Guests

  • Coat Check – Make sure you clean out enough space in your coat closet or on the coat rack to give your guests a place to store their winter gear. This also helps to declutter the entryway – the first impression your guests will have in your home.


  • Don’t for the necessities – Create a station of toiletries, candles, or even some coffee and water to help your guests feel more at home. Take a page out of your favorite hotel’s book for more inspiration on what to provide.

  • Keep it cozy – Add in a few blankets to make sure your guests are warm and cozy at night. Use the blankets to create a homey feeling the guest room


  • Reading Materials – Provide a few books or magazines that your guests can read before going to sleep, in case they didn’t bring a book.


  • Wi-Fi – Create a placard to display the Wi-Fi password in the guest room. This will cut down on the “what’s the Wi-Fi password?” questions you will inevitably receive.


  • Closet Cleanout – Ensure you clean out enough space in the guest room closet to allow you guests space to hang up their clothes. Additionally, provide drawer space for even more clothes storage


  • Breakfast Station – If you guests are early risers, make sure they don’t go hungry just because you’re not up to serve them. Set up a breakfast station complete with fresh fruit, cereal, granola bars, tea and coffee.


  • Clean up – Ensure all rooms in the home are given a thorough cleaning before your guests arrive. Take special care with the bathrooms and guest rooms.


  • Game Night – Have some board games or a deck of cards handy for any impromptu game nights with your guests.


  • Relax – Finally, just relax and enjoy the time spent with friends and family this holiday season.


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