Home Remodeling Trends for 2022

As one year turns to the next, our minds often turn to other changes in our life. For many, this means home renovations or home additions. Whether you are looking to sell or just want to update your home’s look to something new, knowing the latest trends can help you make your decisions. Below we have the top home remodeling trends we are seeing in 2022 so far.

“Grandmillenial” Home Design Style

The term “Grandmillenial” refers to a style that takes something vintage or thrifted and adds a modern twist, blending the old and new together. This style is becoming more and more popular in home decor, with many people reusing older pieces they already have and love while still coming off as trendy and modern. For those who want to update their home’s style but do not want to let go of their favorite antique furniture pieces, this trend is perfect.

Home Additions & Expansions

As many of us either continue to work from home, people are looking for space to do their work that is separated from the rest of their life. Similarly, while many of us at home took on new hobbies to pass the time, people are finding that these hobbies have grown to need more space. Whether built to be a home office or to be a sewing room, we will be seeing a lot of people looking to build additions to their homes.

Luxe Home Upgrades

Increasingly, homeowners are taking the time to do a complete luxury remodel to their homes as people put more value on comfort in their homes. Custom baths are one example of the ways people add simple luxuries into their home, even something as simple as a new shower can change everything. Kitchen remodels to add newer technology are also becoming more common as smart technology takes over. However, something as small as statement artwork in your home can create the feeling of luxury as you step in the door.

    Remodeled Kitchen with Black Cabinets    Dual Vanity Feng Shui Designed Bathroom    Wine cellar in home

Design-Build Contracts

The traditional style for home building meant the owner had two separate contracts to maintain, one for the builders and one for the designers. This could sometimes cause confusion due to a lack of communication between the two contractors. However, building contractors have increasingly begun to hire their own designers to save time and money while making communication easier, creating “design-build” contracts. This allows the owners more control over the process by having one company that handles it all for them.

Green Homes

With people thinking farther and farther ahead while building their homes, many opt for a “green home” or a home with more sustainable features. These features include things like solar panels, high-performance windows, eco-paints, or energy-efficient appliances. Not do these new technologies often work better, they typically save homeowners money in the long run.

This coming year is full of exciting changes in trends vastly different from the years previous. Colors and patterns are making a come back and homeowners are able to do more than ever before with their homes. Remodeling your home to suit your tastes and needs is the most popular trend in 2022 and these trends are in line with that.

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