Out with the old and in with the new. This is the motto we all live by as one year ends and another one begins.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to upgrade your home, you may think of adding new countertops, tearing out a wall, or getting new furniture. While all of these options are great improvements, consider adding a few wood paneling ideas to your list of to-dos’.

The professional home renovation experts at Reliable Home Improvement have compiled seven ways you can use wood paneling in your home to show off a beautiful upgrade, just in time for the new year.

1.     Match Wooden Wall Panels with Furniture

Coordinating wooden wall panels with bedroom, living room, or basement furniture is among the easiest wood paneling ideas to plan. If you have wooden furniture, you can mix and match it with your pieces. Determining the best wood paneling for walls should be based on the room and how much brightness you desire. For example, a basement may be better suited for bright colored panels to combat natural darkness.

Pro-tip: Wondering how to install wood paneling on a wall? Follow these steps:

Step #1: Remove outlet covers, molding, existing panels, etc.

Step #2: Determine how many wooden panels you will need for desired coverage. Add 10-15% to your estimate to avoid coming up short.

Step #3: Without attaching, hold one panel against the wall to confirm you are happy with your selection.

Step #4: Trim each panel, starting from the outside in. Always use a level, measure twice, and cut once. Trim with openings for outlets, grates, and any other opening in mind.

Step #5: Use adhesive, apply the panels, and complete with finishing nails. Reattach molding and covers.

2.     Paint Your Panels

Many say that the best wood paneling for walls or your ceiling is left with a natural wood grain. However, others may find that a crisp white, subtle beige or even a sultry blue can make a room even more elegant. Pair your favorite colored panel with professional trim, hardwood floors, or custom windows to upgrade the atmosphere of your home.

3.     Combine Wood with Stone

Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, wood paneling ideas are endless when combined with stone countertops, floors, backsplashes, or shower basins. Many modern designs incorporate thin wood panels, installed vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. These can be combined with stone pieces, essentially as an accent.

4.     Use Wood Panels with Built-Ins

If drywall or stone are more your things, wood panels can be used to support fixtures like built-in shelves or bookcases. Paneling is often used in this manner as a way to add more texture to a wall.

5.     Whitewash Wood Panels

Using the “whitewash method” involves applying watered-down paint and wiping it away quickly. This allows your wood grain texture to show through while adding a hint of white color and a distressed look.

6.     Offset Wood Panel Tones

Not sure which panel color or grain you like best? Choose multiple tones (two to three at maximum) and improve your interior design with an offset look. An example may include a darker tone for a living room wall with an adjacent half wall or drop wall featuring a lighter shade. You can also offset the color between wall and ceiling wood panels.

7.     Choose Wood Panel Ceiling Tiles

Wood panel ceiling tiles offer a new texture and a great choice for covering outdated ceiling varieties or simply providing a new look. Ceiling tiles can be painted or natural and can also be used around trim, beams, as well as commercial and natural light sources.

Pro-tip: When determining how to wood panel a ceiling, you can use a process that is similar to installing panels on a wall.

Step #1: Begin by removing light fixtures.

Step #2: Complete measurements and product determinations.

Step #3: Trim and cut with room for fixtures (or prime and paint first when desired).

Step #4: Apply adhesion and install.

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