10 Tips for Saving on Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Bath and kitchen remodeling are some of the best ROI home improvements you can make to your home. However, they can also be costly undertakings. A budget bath remodel, for example, could cost you more than $20,000, while a budget kitchen reno could run you over of $30,000 – Before you add in luxury features, the cost of renovating larger-than-average rooms, or other choices that can bring your costs up even more.

These average remodeling costs, however, are not the whole story. The good news is that you can save money using bath or kitchen remodeling cost saving tips. These 10 practical steps can lower the cost of your renovation, without requiring you to compromise on the look you want for the most-used rooms in your home.

Create a budget

Before you design your space, commit to a contractor or purchase materials, you need a budget. This is a realistic look at what you can reasonably afford for your home upgrade. Knowing how much you can comfortably spend on your project can help you to avoid expensive remodels that will leave you burdened by debt. Once you have a clear idea of how much you can spend, you can move on to imagining what your kitchen or bathroom could look like once it is done.

Create a detailed renovation plan before construction begins

The design of your kitchen or bathroom upgrade will have a significant impact on the cost of your project. The first step to controlling costs is to create a detailed plan for your project that takes into account all of the features, materials and finishes you will need.

The planning stage gives you the opportunity to evaluate the costs of your project and make sure that your budget and your project align. In addition, you have the opportunity to make changes to your design, select materials that work with your finances and plan ahead for your payments before work has begun and your design choices are locked in.

When you choose a design-build company like Reliable Home Improvement, you can more easily complete this most important step in the process. Our in-house design team works with you to create a look that you love and that you can afford. Then we seamlessly implement it with our in-house construction team, so there are no miscommunications, delays, or cost surprises.

What is the difference between a renovation and a remodel?

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If you gut your kitchen or bathroom, you will spend significantly more money than if you simply update the existing space. That is why a renovation, which deals more with the cosmetic changes, can save you money over a remodel or gut of your current rooms.

Here are some examples of the difference between kitchen and bath remodeling and renovation:

  • Remodeling is creating something different
  • Renovating is restoring to a previous state
  • Most Remodeling projects require a permit
  • Some Renovation projects require a permit
  • Remodeling costs more

Even if your budget is small, thoughtfully-chosen updates can make your kitchen or bathroom feel newer, more luxurious and more beautiful – Without breaking the bank.

Keep the bath or kitchen layout the same

Custom kitchen remodel

Anytime you change the layout or size of a room in your home, you will spend more money on your project. If you want to save money and realize your vision for your bathroom or kitchen, consider making your changes within the current footprint of the space.

For example, instead of expanding your kitchen, try to upgrade the cabinets, add an island or refresh the flooring of your current kitchen. Instead of turning a half bath into a full bath, consider upgrading the finishes on your current layout in order to add a luxury feel without adding more square footage.

Balance quality and price when choosing materials

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The type of materials you choose for your bathroom or kitchen project will have a big impact on your costs. If you opt for high-end finishes, top-of-the-line paint, or luxury flooring, you will pay more than if you select budget versions of the same items.

However, choosing the lowest-quality and most inexpensive materials for your remodel may force you to settle for a look you do not love or may lead you to spend more money in a few years when your finishes begin to wear out.

Instead, try to balance quality and price when choosing materials. This cost-saving tip for your bath or kitchen upgrade can help you to get a beautiful, long-lasting room without spending a lot of money.

Here at Reliable Home Improvement, our design-build team ensures that your vision is constant from the start of the process to the end, while providing guidance and insight into the best materials to fit both your dream and your finances.

Shop smart for appliances

One way to save money on your kitchen remodel is to be savvy when purchasing appliances. The first and most important money-saving step is to keep your appliances where they are in your current space. That way, you do not have to pay to move plumbing or electricity to different areas of your kitchen.

Next, consider purchasing used appliances or keeping an eye out for appliance sales. If you start the planning process early, you will have time to find low-cost appliances that fit your design plan for your new space.

Focus on the essential features

Kitchen Remodel in Hinsdale IL

Not every upgrade is created equal. There are changes you should make in a bath or kitchen remodel and others that are simply options, either because they add less value to your home or because they add less functionality. Here are some of the most valuable changes you can  make in these spaces:

  • Upgrade kitchen countertops
  • Upgrade kitchen cabinets
  • Add a kitchen island
  • Upgrade appliances
  • Make the island a focal point
  • Upgrade your oven hood

Of course, any changes that make the space more beautiful and functional for YOU should always be made first. Need more storage? Add cabinets. Looking for a certain style? Discuss it with your design team. Make sure the finished product is what you envision –  Even if you do not add in a lot of little extras into your design.

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little

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Saving money on bathroom and kitchen remodels doesn’t mean denying yourself the little luxuries that make for a space you truly adore. Instead, consider saving money by splurging a little bit on important features instead of spending a lot on your entire space.

For example, you could invest in a statement vanity that makes your bathroom pop, while choosing a lower cost tile for your floor. You could choose stunning decorative tile for a backsplash and something more practical for the rest of your kitchen. With some smart choices, you can save money AND indulge your dreams.

Skip DIY and choose a professional

It may seem counterintuitive to hire a professional contractor instead of making your bathroom or kitchen upgrades yourself. However, these professionals can actually save you money and time in the long run. Here are some of the ways in which a professional contractor or design-build team can help:

  • Access discounts on materials.
  • Implement changes in an efficient manner.
  • Save you time on overseeing the project.
  • Deliver quality work that will last for years.
  • Save you from renting or purchasing expensive tools.

If you are ready to embark on a home upgrade project, consider the premier contractors in the Naperville area. Reliable Home Improvement can support every step of the design and construction process while delivering the quality and efficiency only possible from our in-house teams and one-of-a-kind process. Contact us today to schedule an in-home estimate for your project!

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