Smart Kitchen Technology: The Future is Here!

Smart technologies are becoming more and more popular, as homeowners realize how technology can save them time, offer valuable convenience and improve their experiences at home. The kitchen is just one area in which technology is becoming more popular. While it’s still new to most, smart technology in the kitchen is likely to become more prevalent as time goes on. Here’s a brief guide to what smart kitchen technology can do for you.

Smart Stove

Some smart stoves offer exceptional safety features, particularly those that make use of induction cooking. This method involves using magnetic fields to produce heat, meaning no one can get burned – even if you place your hand on the stove itself. This method also considerably reduces the risk of fire. Other smart stoves send alerts if stove burners are left on.

Smart Oven

There are many smart ovens out there to make cooking easy. Infrared heating systems, for example, can help your food cook more evenly.  A smart oven can also help keep you and your family safe – many have the option to turn the oven off remotely. Other conveniences include turning it on remotely should you wish to preheat it while you’re on the way home.


Smart Refrigerator

Smart refrigerators are yet another way to make your home kitchen easier to run, with different functionality to that of a stove or oven. With smart technology, your fridge is a place for organization. Just as a traditional fridge may have lists, photos and reminders pinned to it, a smart fridge comes with a built in tablet, so you can make shopping lists to view on your phone later, or even add food to your cart and shop online, directly from the comfort of your home, while browsing through the groceries you already have. With synced calendars for each family member, you can also see who will be home for dinner and plan out your meals for the week. Many fridges also have the ability to notify you if something is not quite as it should be – if the temperature drops, or the door is left open, you’ll receive an alert.

Smart Kitchen Hub

Every smart kitchen deserves a great smart kitchen hub. The Amazon Echo Show is one example of a hub that will help you control your smart appliances and make the most of their functionality.

Simply talk to the Amazon Echo Show to tell it what you need – to change the temperature of the oven, for example. The Echo also comes with a screen, so you can follow recipes or watch cooking tutorials while in the kitchen.


Looking for more information on the latest smart kitchen technology, or how to upgrade your kitchen overall? Contact the Reliable Home Improvement team today.

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