Spring is a time for new beginnings, an exciting season leading up to the bright summer months of vacations and kids home from school. Just as we typically plan to spring clean our homes, springtime remodeling and redecorating are also popular.

Spring remodeling ideas tend to be focused on bringing those bright, happy spring vibes into your home, to improve your quality of life and enjoyment of your home. Unsure where to start? Take a look at some of our tips below!

Choose Colorful Furnishings

Add a bold new rug, colorful curtains, luxurious bedding, or beautiful new cushions to your home for an instant change to the look of your room. Making these updates can change the focus color of your room, particularly if the walls are a neutral shade. Bright spring colors can be chosen to reflect the new spring flowers outside and bring a sense of springtime into your home.

Bright accent colors can breathe new life into a space.

Add a Statement Ceiling or Wall

Adding a bold statement wall can add color and flair to any room. It’s also a great way to decorate using a wallpaper or paint color you love, but fear would be too dominant if you were to use it throughout the room. A statement ceiling is another popular option.

Use color, tile, or even stone to create a focal point for the room.

Add a Patterned Headboard

A new headboard can bring color and pattern to your bedroom without you making any major changes. Headboards come in all shapes, designs and sizes, you’re bound to find one that suits your style.

Add a New Backsplash

Looking for an easy way to brighten up your kitchen? A new backsplash can add color, texture and a focus point to your kitchen, and make it look new with minimal effort.

A new backsplash can dramatically change a space.


Never underestimate the appeal of fresh paint. Whether you choose to paint your walls, your front door or your kitchen cabinets, you’ll have a fresh new look in a color you love in no time.

Spring is a great time for a fresh coat of paint in a cheerful color like Robin’s Egg Blue.


Try wallpapering a small space, like a closet or small bathroom, for a statement look. Wallpapering a personal space like the closet in your bedroom can give it a flair that’s uniquely ‘you’.

Repurpose Your Space

Think about each room of your home – does it have a purpose? Is it a space you enjoy spending time in? And if not could this space be better spent? Maybe it’s an old nursery or unused office space that’s infeasible to use for its intended purpose as it’s become more of a storage room. Clear out the old items you no longer need, and think about what you’d like to see here instead. A spare room for guests? A games room? The possibilities are endless.

Think about repurposing some under used areas. A mudroom is a great addition for the Springtime.

Remodel Your Basement

Don’t have that empty room mentioned above? The space under your home can become that ideal space you long for. Think in-home cinema, bar or a space for teens or in-laws to call their own.

Finishing your basement can add valuable square footage to your home.

Looking for more ideas to make your home like new this springtime? Contact Reliable Home Improvement today.

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