At Reliable Home Improvement, we’re getting ready for a weekend of fun for St Patrick’s Day! As a Chicagoland business, part of a city known for its dyed green river and extravagant celebrations, we are getting in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit!


Decorating for holidays and seasons is something many of our clients love – but what about St Patrick’s Day home ideas that go a little further towards bringing you “the luck of the Irish” than shamrock prints and wreaths? Many Interior designer believe feng shui ideas bring luck to your home year round. Read on for feng shui tips!

De-Clutter for Clarity

Keeping your home tidy and ensuring clutter is kept to a minimum is one easy way to follow feng shui rules for a home that brings good luck. A clutter-free home is said to bring clarity, help you think clearly and be more productive.


A tidy kitchen is an important part of a clutter-free home, as the kitchen is said to be linked to prosperity. If you have a little extra time, clear out your kitchen cupboards and fridge and get rid of expired food and old products you aren’t going to use.

Use built-in storage to help keep clutter at bay.

Decorate for Luck

Another easy way to improve your home with feng shui includes simple decorative decisions. Fountains symbolize money, so even a small decorative fountain in your home can bring prosperity. Bamboo is a great choice for decorating with feng shui in mind, symbolizing good luck, peace and wisdom. Bamboo flooring is a popular choice at the moment as it offers a contemporary look, is durable and hardwearing and is easy to clean.

Consider light wood or even bamboo floors to bring in the luck.

Choose Lucky Colors

Many people believe that colors can affect your mood. In terms of feng shui, red and green are lucky. It’s not necessary to paint your walls in these colors to bring the color to your home. Consider decorating in red, choosing red cabinets, cushions and furnishings, if you’d prefer to keep neutral shades on your walls.

Color plays a vital role in setting the tone and mood in a home. A pop of green can be soothing and lucky.

Decorate for Positivity

Choose decorative items that make you happy. Pick out photos, paintings and other artwork that reflects happy memories, of loved ones, family, friends, pets, and vacation spots that are special to you.

Choose finishing touches that mean something to you and your family.


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