There are plenty of reasons why your kids’ summer break is the perfect time to schedule a remodel. Read on to find out how to make the most of this beautiful time of year in Chicagoland.

Embrace the Outdoors

Going through a remodel can make staying indoors less appealing while work takes place. Remodeling in the summer gives you the perfect excuse to get outdoors and make the most of the good weather. Consider starting new garden projects to spend your evenings on, or find garden games to play as a family, instead of watching TV.

Remodeled covered patio with TV and fireplace

Grill Outside

If it’s your kitchen that’s getting a remodel, it can disrupt your meal routine. Choosing to remodel a kitchen during summer means you can grill outside and enjoy family barbeques more often.

remodeled covered patio with fireplace and built-in grill

Free Schedule!

The best part of summer? No school, and extracurricular activities are on hold. This gives you the perfect opportunity to meet with contractors and designers. You can even get the kids to come along and help pick out their favorite colors and styles, and learn more about all the skills and trades that come together to complete a remodeling project.


Natural Light

Choosing colors in natural light is essential to getting it right! In the long winter months it’s hard to find the time to pick and choose in the daylight, especially if you work 9am-5pm. With longer days, summer is the perfect time to choose a look you love.

Remodeled sitting area with stone fireplace


The warmth of summer makes it far easier to ventilate your home simply by opening doors and windows. This makes it the perfect time to paint interiors and use other strong smelling products, so that airflow can move through you home. This will help keep the air you breathe healthy.

Cedar sun room

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