What is a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

One of the best ways to optimize space in your home, especially for siblings or other family members who have their own rooms, is with a Jack and Jill bathroom. You may already be familiar with this term, but in recent years, it has expanded to mean so much more.

The general definition of a Jack and Jill bathroom is a shared bathroom that sits between two separate bedrooms. Both bedrooms have a door to access the shared bathroom, while also allowing for privacy when needed. A Jack and Jill bathroom commonly has a single toilet, tub and shower, but could have two sinks and a double vanity.

Jack and Jill bathrooms have been around for decades. This style became popular in the 1960’s when multiple siblings shared a bedroom (usually one for the girls and one for the boys). Mom and dad needed to create a bathroom that the kids could share and access from each room. You’ve likely seen Jack and Jill bathrooms on TV shows, where sisters brush their hair together or brothers get ready for school.

Today, residents are redefining the way these shared spaces are used with modern Jack and Jill bathroom ideas. We’ve compiled some tips you can use to draw inspiration for a modern spin on this age-old concept.

Why Choose a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

You might be wondering, are Jack and Jill bathrooms still popular? While every design is subjective, we’d argue that these bathrooms are more popular than ever.

There are plenty of reasons to create a Jack and Jill bathroom for today’s modern household.

Gray and white bathroom

Add a double vanity to keep everyone moving in the morning.

For starters, with a Jack and Jill bathroom, your kids can enjoy a room that is unique to them. Select their favorite colors or soothing tones, incorporate images they love, and let them wash their hands or take a bath with designs that inspire learning and growth. You’ll likely want to include a double vanity but the bathroom could even have two separate vanities to give each child a little extra space, perfect for early mornings when kids can get a little cranky.

This style will allow your kids to make the most out of their space, with a Jack and Jill bathroom layout that caters to their needs. The possibilities are endless and there are many things to consider when developing your Jack and Jill bathroom plan.

A Shared Space

A Jack and Jill bathroom is perfect for kids who are learning to share. The experience can also help with time management and organization. Each child will learn that they need to allow their sibling adequate time to use the bathroom on school days or when there is a family event.

They’ll also be able to enjoy getting ready together in the same place, which can be a great bonding experience. From brushing their teeth each day to trying on clothes after a shopping trip, sharing a space can encourage kids to enjoy their time together.

his and her sinks with custom garbage hole in counter in master bathroom

Create the ultimate equal space with separate vanities and their own storage.


Who gets the bigger bedroom or bathroom can cause arguments in households with multiple children. A Jack and Jill bathroom allows kids the luxury of a separate bathroom from the main house, while still learning about the important of sharing their own space equally.

A Jack and Jill bathroom can even mean your children end up with more space for activities they enjoy. Rather than building separate bathrooms for each child, use the extra space to expand their playroom or bedrooms. What kid doesn’t want more room for activities, especially if they have to share with a sibling?

his and her vanities in master bathroom

A Jack and Jill bathroom vanity can actually save you space, compared with building a bathroom for each room.


While a Jack and Jill bathroom allows children to share, it is also a popular design for older individuals to have a communal, yet private space to freshen up. Modern Jack and Jill bathroom ideas are now commonly centered around accentuating master bathrooms. The ability to lock the bedrooms and/or bathroom means that this design is also perfect for guests and adults.

An updated Jack and Jill bathroom plan for a master bath or a guest bath could include the following:

  • Jack and Jill walk-in bathtub or shower.
  • Jack and Jill sitting room, separate from the actual bathroom.
  • Jack and Jill bathroom closet.

You can also reconfigure a normal layout to be more modern, by “hiding” the toilet and toiletries for maximum privacy.

Modern white and blue master bathroom

Move the toilet behind a wall, creating a stall that is separate from the rest of the bathroom.

Build Your Jack and Jill Bathroom with Reliable Home Improvement

Are you ready to design a Jack and Jill bathroom of your own? Reliable Home Improvement can assist you with this process from start to finish, including the initial stages of design, all the way through the completion of the project.

We are bathroom remodeling experts who are focused on providing you with a home addition or renovation you can be proud of.

Talk to us today about your Jack and Jill bathroom ideas and contact us to get started.

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